Monday, January 19, 2009

The Grind Begins

Kaled is now level 51, so it's time to start the grind for his Frostwolf Howler. I know he won't be able to use it til he reaches 60 and gets his mount training, but I really want to get it over and done with, and I'll be taking frequent leveling breaks besides, so he'll probably be close when he finally gets it. This is going to be the only pvp he does; the other items are tempting, but he'll be replacing alot of them in Outlands so I don't think it'll be worth the time it will take to get them.

Khaotíc has gotten all of one level since I last mentioned her. I really need a new computer before I'll be able to dual-box her with Kaled, my old Gateway can only handle it if I turn off everything else and only have WoW running. I'll probably solo-level her for now.

I had some alt-time the last couple days. Andrano and Sangha are now level 17, I'm going to push them to 20 asap (darn OCD bug). Toorambar got dusted off too, he got to level 21 and Ahanu the hyena, who had fallen way behind and was at 15, reached 20 in no time so I'm really happy with them now.

Poor Boogga's been neglected the last few days, except for dailies and some concentrated Spirit Beast hunting. I almost want to give up on it, but BRK just had a post that is giving me hope that the next patch will make it easier.

I'm kind of just puttering around until the patch comes out, really. I want to see how the hunter changes might affect Boogga and the others before I get majorly into anything. Plus the mining changes, which will make Zuuluu happy, and the other big (I think) change they're going to be doing, about the death knight creation. I also have another story completed, but can't post it til patch day because it involves that last thing.

Making Kaled's story was a lot of fun, and it's started me thinking about my other toons. I probably won't be writing stories for all of my characters, but I might use some future posts to just describe their personalities. We'll see.

Can't think of anything else, so til next time- Happy Hunting!


  1. Darn Horde - so lucky with their AV mount - nice white wolf.

    Allies get a Ram, which is kinda cool, but not so much as a wolf.

    I'll be doing the same sort of thing on my Shaman when she's in her 50's, though only for 30 AV marks for a Black Mechanostrider.

  2. #1 reason why I don't plan on getting any PVP mounts except the Frostwolf- needs 30 marks from each battleground. It's too painful on my servers to sit thru 30 WSG matches. The other 2 are fine, AB is one of my favorites, but WSG.... /shudder

  3. WSG has some serious action in it. I like it, personally. Granted, sometimes the incompetence of the Horde can drive me up the wall, more often than not, their brutality on the field of combat is noted.

    However, if I see one more orc /lol at a gnome, and then die to him, I will flip right out.

  4. The only time I have enjoyed WSG was on Khaotic, before I deleted her. I twinked her out for level 29 battlegrounds. That was fun, she usually was in the top 3 for both sides. And we won a fair amount of the time.

    The top-level BGs are what I can't stand, when the matches drag on for an hour or so, and we still would lose 90% of the time.