Monday, January 5, 2009


Kaledain is now 49, one level away from steady shot and 9 from Outlands. He did all the quests for Jintha'Alor and got some new gear to boot. Ashke is caught up with him, gonna start grinding Felwood furbolgs with the other 2 so he can get thru the tunnel without being attacked.

Quae the shadow priest has reached 40 at last and has Shadowform now, plus some new gear of her own.

Boogga had another heroic UK run, this time with a PUG. It was actually a good group and a nice fast run. Crossbow still didn't drop though. :( We were going to try heroic UP after, but the tank left, so it kinda fell apart.

I know my last story was kind of a tear-jerker, I've been in a mood lately and wanted to write that one since I've been thinking about it for ages. Next story will probably be Gwyn's part 3 so it will be much more cheerful. :)

I'm also beginning to think of Kaled's next part. This one will cover the time from when he left the Farstriders til I'm not sure when, gonna try to do about a year in his story (this won't be as long as you might think). Just need to figure out a few details then I'll start writing it.

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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  1. Tear Jerker doesn't mean bad!
    So long as the stories continue to be like the last one in caliber, I will be happy.