Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In which Khlar gets attention

Never did get on Khaotíc. I wound up logging on Khlar last night and doing HF Peninsula quests. He dinged 59 in no time flat, then I saw a group looking for a dps and healer for Ramparts. I volunteered for the dps spot and got an invite, we found a healer, and in we went. The group was 4 DKs and priest healer, and we rocked. We breezed thru Ramps and turning in the quest got Khlar to 60. I gated and trained then hearthed back, and we hit Blood Furnace. That was a bit trickier, but we still owned the place. At one point all 4 DKs died, the 2 unholy specced ones rose as ghouls and finished off the mobs and the priest ressed us after. It was awesome hehe. So now Khlar has some upgrades from his starting gear.

He was the lowest level in the group, and wound up second on Recount for both runs, damage and DPS. ^_^

I have to say, after playing on a pve realm all the time, PUGing on an RP realm was quite a bit different. We were all talking about our gear, back stories for our toons, and lots of just random stuff. It was a nice change from pugs that only talk about the run we're doing, or don't talk at all (I've run into a couple of those on Durotan).

So now tonight I'm getting Khlar's herbalism up to 300 before I go to bed (hopefully). Tomorrow I might do his mining, haven't decided yet, but I would like to be able to gather the stuff he runs across in Outlands, so he won't be going back til both are at 300.

I'm trying something out with Khlar, story-wise. He's had his introduction from Gwyn's POV, now I'm going to be telling it from Khlar's, in first person. Kinda like a diary of sorts. First part is done and will be posted momentarily, second is in the works. Once his backstory is told, he will be keeping up on what he happens to be doing whether he is in Outlands questing, or trying to keep Gwyn out of trouble.

P.S. Both instance runs had NO drops for DKs, actually everything was caster gear. Literally. We were all disappointed but the priest made out like a bandit. hehe

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