Friday, January 23, 2009

Post-patch DPS testing and leveling stuff

I took Boogga to Silvermoon figuring that would be the least laggy Horde city and ran a few DPS tests. I wish I had some screenies of his DPS before the patch but I don't, if I remember correctly he was pushing about 1500. Each test is just a single, nuke-til-he's-out-of-mana burst, I could have gone longer I know, but I just wanted the rough figures. All tests were done with AotDragonhawk. First test was his old spec, with Samurai attacking. I had all her skills on auto-cast except for Call of the Wild. Results:
(Messed up a bit with the picture editor but tried to make it as readable as possible.)
So his DPS didn't drop a whole lot. He also didn't have any raid buffs, but I don't know how much that would have changed things.

After the initial test I respecced him to this. Then I reset Recount and started firing away again. Results for #2:

This one actually dropped his DPS. :P I'm gonna stick with it for awhile and see how it works in groups/raids and such. It also might have been lower because I'm not used to the shot rotation yet, basically I'm still spamming steady and throwing in arcane/aimed shots when the cooldown is up, and I was late on some shots 'cause I hit steady too many times.

Third test, just for kicks I used Mageddon the devilsaur. He is still 78 but specced the same as Samurai except for his last talent point which he will get at 80. Same as with Sam, he had all auto-casts on except for CotW. Results for that one:
You can see he actually did better that time. Might have been that I did the shot rotation better but Mag's DPS is better than Sam's as well so it looks like devilsaurs might be the new /win. (I don't really care about that, btw. Samurai will still see plenty of use, she is his baby after all.)

This could really use some more in-depth testing, but I'm a nub at this sort of stuff. I'll more than likely try it again when Mag hits 80, but then again, I'll probably be alot better mixing my shots by then so who knows what it will look like. If anyone that knows this stuff better than I do has any suggestions or opinions, please feel free to leave a comment. ^_^

Kaled ran Khaotic through RFC several times today, so she's up to 13 now. Then the lag finally got to my PC and crashed the game, ugh. She got some nice drops tho, I'll try some more tomorrow most likely. Now I'm off to AV again for more marks.

The new computer search is going slow. I had some trouble downloading the patch due to not enough memory, hopefully tho I won't have to put up with it much longer. Biggest thing is my dad is helping me (I'm almost totally computer-illiterate, though I am learning), and he's just not in a hurry like I am. So far we're looking at dual-core desktops, I'm not picky about the brand so long as it's not a Gateway (I've had enough of them, thank you very much), and debating between a normal one or an all-in-one, which would be nice just from the space I'd save since my desk isn't that big. Would appreciate some crossed fingers that we can find a good deal soon, and I can finally retire this laptop.

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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  1. It seems that aimed shot isn't worth it for the mana cost unless you've glyphed for it.

    Maybe I should try to theorycraft it..?