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Gwyn Part 3: Authir

Blogspot failed at uploading pictures, but there is a pic of Gwyn and Authir at the beginning of her first post, if you want to see him. :)

Gwynifar trotted along the faint path, sweating in the heat. She wondered if any rain ever fell in this desert called the Barrens. She glanced at Haiden to see how he was doing, then scanned her surroundings for any sign of the harpies she was supposed to be hunting. Spotting the distinctive ball-like nests in the trees to the north, she adjusted her course and plugged on.

After finishing her task, Gwyn collected the insignia rings the harpy leaders had worn as proof of their demise, then dropped them in her belt pouch and whistled for Haiden. The big wolf had taken only a few cuts and scratches from the vicious but rather frail harpies, and was ready for the long trip back to the Crossroads. Together they set off across the desert again.

Gwyn chose to cut straight east this time and reach the road coming from Ashenvale for easier traveling. When they neared the road, however, Haiden's sharp woof alerted her that they were not alone. Trotting down the road out of Ashenvale's edges was the strangest-looking person Gwyn had ever seen. The female humanoid had blue skin, horns, and a tail! And her legs bent all the wrong way. She had a bow in hand and quiver strapped to her back, and Gwyn realized she must be another hunter. Gwyn looked around for her pet, just in time to spot it as it left Ashenvale's shadows. She stopped and stared.

It was a moth! Instantly Gwyn was smitten. As she stood and watched the tawny-colored insect fluttering after its mistress, she suddenly decided she had to know where it came from. So she started running after the huntress, yelling for her to stop.

The draenei heard her shouts and stopped, looking around for the disturbance. Spotting Gwyn pelting up to her, she crouched into a defensive stance and swiftly nocked an arrow. Gwyn quickly slowed and held her hands out, away from her weapons. She stopped a few yards away and pointed at the moth, breaking into a huge grin. The draenei cautiously relaxed her bow and stood straight. Looking from Gwyn to the moth, she abruptly seemed to understand, and also grinned, then held out her hand and called to her pet in a strange, musical language. The little bug fluttered over and lit down on the ground next to its mistress, who beckoned Gwyn to approach.

When Gwyn left her new friend she still had no clue where the moth had been found. The two strangers couldn't understand each other, and hand signals were not enough. She would have to ask one of her fellow Horde members, if she could find anyone who knew.

Back in the Crossroads, first thing she did was track down Treng. She found him sitting by the east gate, Derk lying next to him. "How's his foot doing?" Gwyn asked her adopted brother as she sat down, gesturing to the bandage wrapping Derk's right forefoot. "The infection is clearing and it's healing, but they said it will still be about a week," Treng said morosely. "Well, I have an idea for something to do in the meantime," Gwyn said, excitement making her eyes shine. Treng looked at her, then rolled his eyes and grunted. "What are we gonna get into trouble for this time?" he asked, then ducked as Gwyn swung her fist at him.

It took almost the full week before Gwyn and Treng found anyone who knew anything about the moths. The old orc that they finally tracked down was happy to answer all of Gwyn's questions, but when they left him, Gwyn was feeling far from happy. "How are we ever gonna get that far?" Treng moaned as they walked away. Gwyn didn't answer, but she felt the same way. But she was still determined, and Treng by now knew better than to try talking her out of it.

They left Haiden and Derk with the stable keeper in Crossroads, since Derk's foot wasn't quite ready for such a long journey. Leaving without their pets felt rather strange to both of them, but neither was worried, they knew they would watch each other's back. They collected some supplies and struck out, heading north toward Ashenvale.

They passed thru Ashenvale without incident and reached the Night Elf territory of Darkshore, with Gwyn consulting the map that the old orc had drawn for them often. Darkshore proved trickier to cross, as they had to avoid the Night Elf patrols that seemed to be everywhere. But they finally reached the next point in their journey, and stood looking down at the village of Auberdine and the boat that would take them to Azuremyst Isle, home of the moths. But, how would they get on the boat?

Gwyn thought that maybe they could approach the Elves and ask for passage, but when they tried, walking out slowly with hands held out wide, a flurry of well-placed arrows at their feet sent them scurrying back into hiding. Next they tried sneaking thru the village, but there weren't enough hiding places and they were chased out again. Finally Treng suggested swimming out to the boat and seeing if they could climb aboard.

The two youngsters paddled out to the boat, keeping it between themselves and the shore, and looked for a way up. All they saw was a ragged rope hanging near the back, just low enough for them to reach. Gwyn managed to shimmy up and peer over the side, but she quickly slid back down again. "Elves up there everywhere," she hissed to Treng, eyes wide. Then they both heard the captain shout a few commands, and the boat started moving. The two friends could only hold on tight to the rope and hope they wouldn't drown or be discovered.

The trip to the island didn't take long, but it felt like days to the young hunters. They arrived at Azuremyst half-drowned and bedraggled, but still had the sense to let go of the rope and swim to shore away from the dock. They climbed out on the beach and crept into the nearby woods to find a campsite, where they built a small fire and dried off. Then they started their search for the moths.

They covered the entire isle, carefully avoiding the huge, misshapen bulk that appeared to be a city of some kind, before they found the moths. Gwyn was beside herself with excitement, and Treng seemed to catch some of it himself. They stayed within sight of each other as they started looking for their new companions. Gwyn didn't take long to choose and tame her moth, then helped Treng with his. Their goal accomplished, they used the magic portal stones their trainer had given them, and were soon back in the Crossroads.

Their trainer was amazed at their new pets when they showed him, but quickly reminded them of a half-dozen errands that needed doing, then Treng wanted to go check on Derk, so Gwyn followed him to the stabling area. Derk and Haiden were overjoyed to see them, and after their enthusiastic greeting, the wolves were introduced to the moths. Gwyn watched cautiously as Haiden sniffed her new pet over, then sneezed as he got wing dust in his nose. Then he looked at his mistress, and Gwyn felt his approval and affection. Derk was equally accepting of his master's new friend, and Treng happily announced he would call his moth Dusty. Gwyn thought over a few names for hers, mentally discarding several before deciding. Then she held her hand out to him and watched contentedly as his little feelers examined her fingers.

"His name will be Authir."

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