Monday, January 12, 2009

Just catching up a bit

I know I haven't been posting much besides Kaled's stories the last few days. Between writing out those stories, RL stuff, and just being tired from work, I haven't been playing much. I'm in the market right now for a new computer also, my old Gateway laptop is just developing too many issues. And that coffee spill that messed up the keyboard didn't help.... >.>

But in the time I have been playing, Andrano and Sangha have gotten to level 15, and I've been messing around with both Taurros and Zuuluu, just general questing and some mining in Zuu's case. Kaled is trying to max inscription, so I've been picking herbs with him instead of leveling, although I did go out and grind up Ashkeyana, then went to Un'Goro for a "leveled-up" Argus, so now all 3 of his pets are caught up with him. We'll see how long that lasts. He's also now neutral with Timbermaw, woot.

My horde death knub* hasn't seen any playtime since he got out of Ebon Hold. I really wanted to get his proffs (mining and blacksmithing) to 300 before heading to Outland but been too lazy to work on them. I'm considering shelving him til later and if I want to play a DK, I can just hop on my Alliance one.

* my word, copyright pending

Can't think of anything else right now. Wish me luck on the computer hunt, I'll probably need it.

Final random note: I was reading some old posts on Pike's blog, Aspect of the Hare, and this just kind of jumped out at me. Quoting from her post "Why I play a BM hunter".....

"That’s why I play hunters. That’s why, specifically, I finally settled on the Beast Mastery spec. It’s about more than a DPS increase. It’s about the aesthetics. It’s about the thrill of the hunt. It’s about that companionship.

Because alone, you are weak.

But together, you become stronger than either of you could have ever imagined."

Well said, Pike. :)

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