Monday, January 26, 2009

Level 80 Devilsaur.... Check!

Yup, Mageddon is level 80 now. :) Boogga got into a heroic Gun'drak group where he leveled to 79, then after some massive leather-farming he got an invite to heroic UK, where Mag dinged 80 and.....


The crossbow dropped, Boogga has a new ranged weapon at last, and now there's nothing holding me back from joining my guild's Naxx/Obsidian Sanctum runs. He got his crossbow skill from 350 to 400 in no time at all, and leveled his last pet, his still-unnamed chimaera, to boot. 4 more levels for her and all his pets will be 80. /Bask

Spent some time on Kaled too, he dinged 55 and got his inscription to 300. I think inscription has been the most fun profession to level I've found yet. Now I want to push him to 58 so he can get to Outlands and train, then Taurros will send him herbs to keep leveling it. Unless I can talk my warlock friend into summoning him out there....

He has 15 AV marks now, tho I've been taking a break to level him a bit. Next time he goes in, he won't be quite so squishy. He is also now honored with Timbermaw. ^_^ I'm thinking of making him my rep toon and just try to hit exalted with as many as possible. I think it fits his character well too. :)

Just for kicks, here's the Recount of Boogga's H Gun'drak run-

I think his DPS doing okay right now. This is before he got the new bow, so he still had his old one. We also had a good group for buffs, he was over 4k RAP at one point. I really want to see what he can put out in a 10 or 25-man raid.

Going to run Khaotíc thru a bunch of quests tomorrow, then hit Wailing Caverns/Shadowfang Keep. Hopefully she'll get another level or three.

Time for bed now, goodnight and Happy Hunting!


  1. Mmm, shiny crossbow.

    Very shiny crossbow that I've seen both times I killed the boss.

    WHARRS MUH HELMET, INGVAR?! -shakes fist-



  2. Dat be a very nice bow dere mon, grats to joo's on getting it!

  3. Wow, nice bow, grats on getting it! We need to pair up and smash us some heroics for hunter lootz!!


  4. Grats on the crossbow.