Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Technical difficulties, we has them

Just a short post tonight. I haven't played much because I've been writing Kaled's next tale, but I did log on Boogga to help my sister kill a fel reaver for her Shattered Halls key. That was interrupted by our power going out, We hiked over to our parents' house and continued there.

I had a major panic attack though. I had gotten Karda out since he's my only 80 tank pet (Samahe still hasn't leveled). But I spotted another hunter with the blue saber kitty, so I got Samurai out to show her off a bit (which didn't work, he was afk :P). When I went to get Karda back out, he had disappeared. The stable slot he should have occupied was empty. I panicked, threw a fit in guild chat, and put in a ticket asap. This all happened right before we lost power. Shortly after we got to our parents', a GM contacted me, and we managed to fix it. Karda was ok, and i /hugged him silly for a few minutes. :P

Will post Kaled's story as soon as I'm happy with it, til then Happy Hunting!


  1. That happened to Radix a few times.
    Seems to happen when you switch pets mounted more often than not.
    I always un-mount before swapping pets myself. I suggest you try it.

  2. Will do, after going thru that mess.
    If that had happened to Samurai I have no clue what I might have done. >.>

  3. I think freaking out would have been completely acceptable.