Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In which Egbert goes to Naxx

See, here he is.

Last night was supposed to be Night 1 of 25-Naxx, but we had a ton of people not show up. So, since we still had people that needed some gear from 10-man, we did that instead.

We cleared 10-man Naxx in little over 3 hours.

It was pretty flippin' awesome.

And, Boogga upgraded his other ring. New one is a lot nicer than old one.

He ran with his MM off-spec, and his DPS was through the roof compared to what his BM spec usually does. I may start raiding with that spec, only thing I didn't like was lack of big numbers from Samurai, and a little less survivability for her as well (had to pass on a few talents she normally had due to less points). But overall, it was a ton of fun.

I've been trying to polish my roleplaying by reading blogs and forums from other RPers, and found this thread of awesome from the Wildfire Riders on Feathermoon. It's about the Wrathgate, so there's some spoilers.

Also, I thought this was funny. May have to try and get one of my guilds to attempt this.

Step one: Create a macro. Fill all 255 characters with the shortest emote you can - /lol works well.
Step two: Put macro on your button bar. In the slot for 1 is ideal.
Step three: Get all your guildies together, and have them complete steps one and two.
Step four: Get all your guild to show up in the most heavily populated area of your server/faction - it was Orgrimmar or Ironforge AH/Bank square in vanilla, Shattrath in BC, now Dalaran in Wrath.
Step five: Spam your macro as fast as you can. Have all your guildies do the same.
Step six: Crash the server.

Your entire guild will receive a three day ban. This lesson has been brought to you by Khaz'Goroth (Oceanic PvE)

I know I said a couple posts ago that I wasn't going to seriously try to write anything. I find it pretty ironic that as soon as I say that, I come up with 2 stories just like that. /snaps fingers
I have a couple more ideas flying around in my head, but no promises on when I might get another done.

And finally, I took some pics from the Wrathgate cinematic (you can go back to Alexstrasza and see it any time after you have done the quest). Enjoy!

Happy Hunting!

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