Monday, May 4, 2009

Practicing my director skills

Haven't made a new movie for awhile, so here's a little something I just put together. Boogga needed buff food before a raid, so he decided to give his worm a little exercise at the same time. Enjoy! This was just before the 3.1 patch, so no thunderstomp yet. And yes, I know these are lower-level mobs, I didn't make it to show off, just for entertainment. Music is from the Bourne Supremacy soundtrack.

Edit for Youtube linkage.

Apparently I get a little silly when I'm farming. >.>

On a side note, I'm getting a little bored with doing "So-and-so did this, and got that, and then This Toon did that" kind of posts, so I'm in the process of working out something different. I will get back to regular posts soon, I promise.

On another side note, Spirit Bond now has over 2ooo views! /boggle

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  1. That was a fun video. Simply put, since Wrath, farming's been soooooo much fun. Me likey.