Friday, May 22, 2009

Delays, delays, delays

Grumpy post is grumpy.

My new computer, as far as I know, is ready. I had hoped I could pick it up on Wednesday, which is when it was supposed to be done. But had to wait for my dad, since he knows the guy that's doing my computer. Dad didn't get home til way after 5, too late to go pick it up that day. So, we were going to get it today, but he couldn't get in touch with the guy. Wasn't at work, didn't answer the phone. So now, since it's a holiday weekend (Memorial Day), gotta wait til Tuesday.

Thankfully my laptop hasn't given me any more issues, though I've been afraid to turn it off so just been setting it on standby. Ugh, I hate waiting...


On a different note.....

Alliance guild's raid tonight was Ulduar to start with. We already have Flame Leviathan pretty much down, tonight we tried Razorscale for the first time. And, well, see for yourself. :)

New boss down! :D

We tried Deconstructor too, it was worth it just to hear my guildies response to his voice. *snicker*

And after many painful wipes....

Ignis had fun smushing us into the ground a few times before we quit for the night. Altogether, it was a pretty awesome night! And Alanon picked up a new chestpiece, whee!

That's about it, til next time Happy Hunting!

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