Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another milestone for Khaotic

Khaotic has reached level 40!! Thanks in no small part to dragging her thru dungeons to get her some mail armor. The loot RNG doesn't seem to like her, tho, so Boogga will be making her some armor after I farm up some mats.

I am loving leveling with only one pet, I have to admit. Alti does a fine job with whatever she needs, including tanking an elite or two. I do have to watch her aggro with her MM/Surv spec, but most of the time he does fine. Maelthra is not being totally neglected; she usually comes along on the instance runs and gets her xp that way.

For anyone that might be wondering about the scarcity of regular posts, don't worry. I'm not losing interest in the blog. My #1 reason for starting Spirit Bond, however, was to post my stories, and they can be pretty sporadic. I was trying to do daily posts for awhile, and found myself scrounging for something to say, so I have decided if I didn't have something that I found interesting to post, I just wouldn't do one.

My story-writing seems to come in fits and bursts. I'm having a bit of a dry spell right now, but that usually means that when my writer's block is over, I'll have 3-4 new ones at least in the next couple days, so keep watching.

I believe I am catching a cold or something, my throat hurts something fierce. I'm hoping it's not as bad as the last one, which had me flat on my back for a couple days. We'll see how it goes.

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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