Monday, May 11, 2009

Barraccus and Rhokk: Part 4

Read this first. Also, fight scene ftw!

The last thing Barraccus expected, as he approached Rhokk, was for the shaman to jump back to his feet and attack him. He dodged nimbly out of the way, then swore softly as Rhokk's swing hit Crison instead. She dropped, unconscious. Then he had no time to worry about her, as Rhokk was on him again.

The shaman was fast, and his exhaustion was the only thing that kept his blows from landing for the first few minutes. Barraccus fought defensively, blocking Rhokk's attacks but not making any of his own. He jumped back as one strike got through to clang against his armor, then both combatants stood still for a moment, catching their breath. Barraccus tried to reason with the draenei. "Rhokk, what is wrong? I'm your friend, why are you doing this?" Rhokk's face became an ugly snarl. "Friend? Ha! You killed them all!!" With that he leaped at the death knight, resuming the fight.

Barraccus was confused. Killed them all? Killed who? But he couldn't think about it much more as it took all he had to fend off the shaman. Another blow got through his defenses to graze his arm, then Rhokk barreled into him, knocking them both down. Barraccus rolled clear as another strike brushed his head, narrowly missing getting knocked unconscious. He jumped back to his feet, and as Rhokk rushed him again, he whispered, "Please forgive me." He parried Rhokk's next swing, then brought the blunt side of his axe up and struck the draenei hard on the head. Rhokk stood in confusion for a second, then crumpled at his feet.

A couple hours later, Barraccus was letting Crison check the bandage on his arm. The gash wasn't very big but had bled profusely. Rhokk was lying next to them, trussed up so completely that he couldn't move. Barraccus looked at him sadly. "Is all that really necessary?" he asked. "Would you rather have him break free and kill us both?" Crison replied. "You know how strong he is." Barraccus sighed but gave up the argument.

They waited for him to wake.

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