Sunday, May 24, 2009

Barraccus and Quae

Inspired by this quest, which Barraccus just completed. :)
Enjoy! Also, Zomg they have a fight?!?

Barraccus stormed into the house, startling Quae as she sat reading a book. Riatha followed him in, saying, “Please just calm down. There’s nothing you can do to change things now.” Quae stood up quickly. “Barraccus? What’s wrong?” He stopped and looked at her; some of his anger seemed to drain away. He sat down heavily on the couch. “I was that close,” he held his hands out about a foot apart, “to possibly finishing Arthas, and I couldn’t move,” he told her. “What?!” she exclaimed. “What do you mean, finishing Arthas? Tell me what happened, please!” Riatha shook her head and went to stand in a corner. He looked at her, then focused back on Quae.

“We were at Westgarde Keep,” he started. “I was sent to this place called Gjalerbron, to kill some vrykul and stop some ritual their queen was performing. Well, I had no trouble with them, but the queen was doing some sort of spell to revive their king, or something. After I killed her, I was about to finish off the king when HE showed up, right next to me!”

Quae stared at him in alarm. “Arthas did?” she asked him, disbelievingly. He nodded, some of the rage coming back. “I couldn’t move; it was like I was frozen. He spouted off some nonsense, and ported himself and that vrykul king out of there.” He clenched one fist. “I could have ended him right then and there, if I could have just been able to swing my axe.”

“Or,” Quae interrupted, “he could have killed you.” He turned to her, startled by the anger he heard in her voice. “Barraccus,” she said before he even opened his mouth. “Why do you have to be the one to kill Arthas? He’s too powerful for one person alone, even if you do think you’re invincible.” He stared at her. “But-" She stood up suddenly, cutting him off, her voice rising. “I know, you want to keep him away from me, from all of us. But have you considered what it would do to me if you get yourself killed, chasing after Arthas like this? Or is it alright if you die, just so long as the rest of us are safe?” She abruptly turned away from him, but not before he saw the tears starting in her eyes.

Alanon came inside at that moment, his hands full of herbs from the gardens. He stopped at the doorway and looked questioningly at Riatha, Is it safe to come in? She shook her head slightly. Unnoticed by the other two, she got up and walked outside, followed by the druid.

Barraccus stood, then went to Quae and hesitantly put his arms around her. She stood stiffly, but didn’t protest. “Quae,” he began softly, then found he couldn’t think of anything to say. She made no reply, but she did gradually relax enough to lean back against him. “Quae,” he tried again. “I’m sorry. It’s just that no one is safe until he’s stopped. When I think of something happening to you….” She finally turned to face him. “But you can’t do everything, Barraccus. I’m not stupid, and Northrend is a long ways away from here. You trust me to take care of myself here; can’t you let me do the same while you’re up there?” He held her tighter as he sighed. “I’ll try, Quae. I really will. I promise.”

Now she finally put her arms around him. As he leaned down for a kiss, she said, “I’m still mad at you.” But she didn’t sound like it.

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