Friday, May 15, 2009

We haz Spirit Beast!!!!

So, it's not the one that I really wanted, but.....


My sister let me log on Boogga (I'm still using her computer) for tonight's raid, and as soon as I did one of my guildies asked me on vent if I was still looking for a spirit beast. Turned out she had found Gondria, and she watched her for me while I flew out there and tamed her! I love my guild.

Gondria is now a male, renamed Spectre. After some grinding and a run thru heroic Stratholme, he is almost 78 already. Once he hits 80 Boogga will be raiding as BM for at least half the time.

He also tamed a windserpent named Zephthyr for a MM cunning pet, so now he has 2 pets to level. Fun, fun!

The raid tonight never happened because we were missing too many (hence the Strat run) so they did 10-man Naxx instead. Boogga has all the gear I think I wanted from there, so I passed.

I have a date for my new computer at last. The guy that's building it for me says it will be done on Wednesday, so less than a week and I'll have my new machine!! /cheer!


  1. hey grats! Keep on trying for Loque - I tend to see him when I'm in the basin farming for leather. I'll go afk from time to time waiting for all those white gorillas to respawn - when I come back...there he is 0_0

  2. I think Boogga is done as far as pets go. What he has is what he'll keep. The only pet he has that I would release to make room for Loque, is his devilsaur Mageddon, and I just *can't* let him go. <3

    On the other hand, once Kaled gets out there..... :D