Friday, May 29, 2009

Boogga and dragons

Last night my Horde guild didn't have enough people for our normal 25-man Naxx, again.

So,... we went to go pay Malygos a visit instead. I've only been there twice before, once on Boogga which only lasted a few attempts, once on Alanon, which again, was only a couple attempts. I had a rough idea about phases 1 and 2, but for the drake part, I was still pretty much clueless.

First attempt we got him to phase 3, then wiped. I was probably the first to die, since I was still trying to figure which skill was which on my drake. Second attempt, we got him to 4%. 4%!! Third and fourth tries were more wipage, then one of our group had to go AFK, so we waited. He was gone for a long time, and we were about to call it when he came back. Attempt #5.....

I can't describe how awesome this was. I died partway thru phase 3, then the rest of us dropped one by one. Maly was down to less than 5k health, and our rogue was the only one still alive. As he put it in vent, he saw Maly target him and was like, Oh (bleep) and just threw a fireball at him. Then he died, and Maly dropped right after he did. It was intense. :)

I tried to get a good group shot of us and Alexstrazsa, but it didn't work out too well. Oh well.

Boogga has always had good luck with dragons. His first heroic Nexus run, for example, Keri dropped both the trinket and some bracers for him. They must like him or something, even when he's helping to kill them. So, this was a pleasant surprise, too.

After the raid a few guildies wanted to do a speed run of heroic Strat, and I volunteered to go. Turned out Boogga was the only one in the group that didn't have the bronze drake, soooo, yea. :D

His name is Faladormu. :) Boo is still aiming for his red drake as well, he is over 2/3 of the way. Of course, then he'll have to raise the money for it, my Hordies are all kinda broke...

That's it for now, til next time Happy Hunting!

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