Monday, June 1, 2009

Khaotic: Altiuiqo

I hadn't originally planned on making a story for Alti. His tame just kinda happened, nothing special about it. But, well, you know how things just happen, plus I was bored at work. >.>
So, here's his story. Enjoy!

Khaotic studied the small pride of lions clustered underneath one of the few trees here in the Barrens. Kaled stood behind her, his gaze divided between watching the lions and scanning the surroundings for any danger. Ashkeyana sat next to his master looking like he was about to fall asleep, until he abruptly got up and nudged under Khaotic's arm for a scratch. She obliged him, but her attention remained on the big cats below, especially on the young, dark pride leader.

She had discovered him yesterday and had immediately sent word to Kaled, who had gone on further south. He had returned right away, eager to see the strange cat. They had been studying the unusual black lion all day now, and Khaotic was finally sure that she wanted him for a companion. She guessed his age to be about 18 months, very young for a pride leader, even if his family was a small one. Given the number of bachelor males in the area, she knew his pride wouldn't be leaderless for long, so that was one concern out of her way. She just had to worry about taming him, now.

Kaled crouched down next to her on the rock, putting one hand on her shoulder. "You're sure about this?" he asked softly, not wanting to alert the lions below. She nodded, her gaze not leaving her target. He patted her shoulder. "Good luck, love. We'll be waiting here, for both of you." She finally looked away from the black lion, to smile at her husband. Then, without a word, she stood and started toward the great cats.

* * * * * *

Khaotic walked back up to the rock where Kaled waited, pride and love making his eyes shine. Beside her paced the young black lion, looking a little dazed by the twist his life had just taken. He stopped and growled when he saw Kaled, still wary, until Ashke came and began nuzzling him. The older cat's attentions soon had him calmed, and he lay down next to his mistress while she sat on the rock and stroked his mane.

"I'll call him Altiuiqo," she told Kaled. He grinned at her. "That's a bit of a mouthful, love. Got a nickname for him?" She swatted at him, also grinning, then stared down to her new pet's green eyes. "Alti will work," she said. "Let's take him home now, love. He has a lot to learn."

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