Friday, June 12, 2009

I has the blah

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been mostly coming home from work and crashing for a couple hours, then logging on WoW for a bit before going to bed. I hate colds. I have also almost completely lost my voice, fun fun.

Khaotic is up to 48, going to start grinding Timbermaw rep next while leveling Alti. Maelthra got to come along on her latest instance runs (Maraudon and ZF) so he fell behind a bit. Kaled is honored with them, gonna shoot for the same for her.

I have a side project going; I've made a couple alts on RP servers to check them out, to try and find a "home" for Kaled and Khaotic when I'm ready to transfer them. I am on Feathermoon at the moment, simply because I like the server (Wildfire Riders ftw! too bad they're Alliance). Haven't found any good RP over there yet, but said alt is only level 6 so... yea.

Barraccus has gone through the whole Wrathgate chain, but I won't be writing a story about it, because supposedly it's already happened (in Alanon's storyline). I do have a secret project I'm going to start working on, though, so stay tuned.

Nothing else to report really, except that this has got me pretty excited- new druid forms!!!

Here are the Tauren forms

And here are the Night Elf forms

I like the way Pitchblack will look (top, solid black), though Alanon might be dying his hair, just to be different. I also like the way Taurros will look (top left, also solid black). :)

-Happy Hunting!

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