Friday, June 5, 2009

Anna's Friday Five- Time

So I haven't done one of these for a long time, and wanted to give this a go. Too Many Annas has a theme for her Friday posts, where she will either have a list of 5 questions or give an idea for a 500-word ficlet, that you answer from your character's point of view. Today's 5 questions are:

  • Is your character usually early, on time, or late? What does he or she expect from other people with regards to time?
  • Is your character a morning sparrow or a night owl? Is this their nature, or have they trained themselves to it?
  • Does your character carry a time-keeping device? (watch, pocket watch, chronometer, gnomish buzzbox with digital clock peripheral)
  • How does your character deal with the Bronze Dragonflight - does he or she take them seriously? take the Caverns of Time seriously?
  • What does your character eat for breakfast on a “normal morning”? (whenever that “morning” happens to take place)
Answers are from Kaledain, Khaotic, and Barraccus (since that's who I've been playing the most lately)

1. Kaled and Khaotic try to be on time for everything, but sometimes stuff happens and you can't help but be a little late. They hold the same expectations for other people.
Barraccus always tries to be on time, if not early. That being said, he would like for others to do the same, but won't get mad if they're late.

2. Khaotic is an early bird, usually up around daybreak (a holdover from her years in the army). Kaled is not a morning person, and she usually has to wake him up and fix breakfast. He usually becomes human again after some food and tea/coffee.
Barraccus is up with the sun without fail. Being a night elf, this isn't exactly natural for him, but he's been doing it for so long that he doesn't remember why he's like this.

3. All 3 of them keep track of time by the sun/moon/stars. Khaotic is especially good at this, again because of her time with the army; she was often a scout and needed to keep close track of the time.
Barraccus has a pocketwatch from a gnomish acquaintance, but he usually forgets he has it. He will remember to check it if he really needs to know the time.

4. Kaled and Khaotic haven't met any of the bronze dragonflight yet, but have heard enough about them to be warily respectful. The same goes for the Caverns of Time; they both have been in the Caverns but not inside any of the instances, so while they don't know what is going on in there, they can both feel that there is something.
Barraccus has some reverence for all dragons, although he wishes he knew exactly what it is that the Bronze did. Meeting his Future Self kind of shook him up a little.

5. Khaotic usually fixes breakfast, tho she doesn't always "cook", sometimes it's just toast and coffee. Kaled will eat whatever she puts in front of him.
Barraccus doesn't always eat breakfast, but when he does it's usually travel food from his backpack, whatever is served at the inn he's staying at , or if he's home, then whatever someone else has already fixed. If he has to cook, he'll fix toast and bacon, usually with tea. Anything else has a good chance of getting undercooked or burned.

So how would your character answer?

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