Thursday, June 4, 2009

In-game stuff, and, um, stuff

I am totally catching a cold. I hate colds.

Skipping on both raid nights this week cuz all I really wanna do is sleep. I hate colds.

Kaled and Khaotic have moved from their (non-existent) home in the Eversong woods to a little house inside Silvermoon. It's right next to an inn, with a mailbox right outside their door. And it's in the Royal Exchange, so bank & AH are nearby. Not to mention, Silvermoon is mostly deserted all the time, so I can RP without worrying too much about being interrupted by a griefer. Total score.

Since I sat out Tuesday's raid, I was on Khaotic all day, pretty much until I went to bed. She is now 43. I been busy.

Haven't played much at all since Tuesday, she is still at 43. I hate colds.

Not playing seems to have unlocked my writer's block. Much story-writing has ensued. Stuff will be posted...eventually.

Been reading up on my druid lore on Wowwiki. I have figured that Taurros is definitely a Druid of the Claw, Alanon is a Druid of the Wild, and I'm not sure if Pitchblack is a Druid of the Claw, or of the Talon.

Barraccus needs a new tabard. I really do love my guild, but it's impossible to take a death knight seriously when he's sporting a big cutesy butterfly on his chest.

Altiuiqo and Ashkeyana look nice together. And yes, they are stretching simultaneously. I did not actually plan that on purpose.

My new computer was fried when the dude that's building it was doing a test run. Apparently the video card was a bit too much for the power supply, which in turn messed up both of the hard drives. It's gonna be awhile yet. /Sigh

I went to Walmart after work today to get some Nyquil and a rotisserie chicken for supper. Got the Nyquil, forgot the chicken. /Facepalm

Buster is getting fat. I mean really fat. I have no idea how because he still tears around the house like a maniac.

Can't think of anything else to report right now. Random post is random, yes. If I do think of anything else new, I will edit it in later. Goodnight. /waves

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