Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kaled and Khaotic: Updates

First, for Khaotic-

She's now only 5 levels behind Kaled, then the duoing begins! (If my computer can handle it >.>)

For Kaled-
We actually, finally, somehow won an AV match. This gives him 27 marks (yes, yes, I've been slacking) and a shiny new weapon.

For anyone that's curious about why I haven't moved them yet, or why they are even on a non-RP server in the first place, here's an example. I went to look at an enchant scroll for his spear, and the scrolls for +25 agility were going for 125g and up. Rather than pay that much, especially when he is trying to save towards his epic mount training, I just bought the mats, made a weapon vellum, and mailed it all to Zuuluu, my rogue and enchanter. He made the scroll and sent it back. 30 seconds of work and Kaled had his enchant, for about 30g. Self-proficiency is win.

And now, here's a shot of the two of them in their Silvermoon house. It's a nice place to unwind before logging for the night.

Speaking of night, it's really really late now, so goodnight and Happy Hunting!

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