Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kaled & Khaotic: A Surprise

Khaotic left Harene Plainwalker’s home and walked back to the small house she and Kaled now lived in, her thoughts in a whirl. How should I tell him?... We’ve been together for 5 years now and nothing, why did it take so long? I was beginning to think there was something wrong with one of us. She thought she should be happy, but at the same time she wasn’t sure what she felt. I’m still young, am I ready for this? Is he? Good gods, I never even thought about it before, how could I be ready? Her big black lion Alti paced beside her, now and then looking up at her or rubbing his head against her hand. She tried to find some calm in her companion’s presence, and soon began feeling better.

Finally she reached their house, only to hear the sounds of other people coming from inside. Great. I wanted to tell him while we were alone. Fat chance of that now. She heard Kaled’s voice, speaking to someone inside, and suddenly she wanted to run into his arms and start crying. She quickly shook herself out of that particular feeling. Okay, she said I’d probably get emotional. I just hope I don’t get that bad. She stopped herself outside the door, took a deep breath to steady her nerves, and went inside.

Kaled was sitting on the floor cushions with a young tauren. A Forsaken she didn't know sat on top of some crates they had yet to unpack; he waved at her when she came in. "Hello, love," Kaled said when he saw her. "Um, hello," she responded. "Were we expecting company?" The tauren stood and greeted her. "My name is Rondlo, I am from Toorambar's tribe. He was going to be here, but couldn't make it, so I came in his stead. This is my friend Scytthe." He gestured to the undead, who nodded at her.

Kaled had made some soup for supper; his cooking skills had vastly improved over the past spring. He served it up as they all sat around the center area. The other two began talking with each other as Kaled asked Khaotic, "So did Harene find out why you've been feeling sick?" "Ah, yea, she did," Khaotic replied, eying the others nervously. Before she could say more, Rondlo began asking Scytthe about his own cooking, and Kaled was drawn into their conversation despite himself. Khaotic sighed to herself.

The discussion turned to Scytthe's alchemy, and Kaled pulled his attention away long enough to say quietly, "So what did she say?" "Well-" Before she could say more, she was interrupted again, with Scytthe asking Kaled a question. Khaotic sighed again in frustration, and Kaled reached over and squeezed her arm comfortingly. She looked over at him, but he was already back to conversing with the others. So she listened to their banter for awhile, then in a brief lull, she tried to talk to him again. She was, once again, interrupted, as Rondlo started speaking about a troll that had been mentoring him, and they went on to talk about other hunters that they knew. Khaotic had just about had enough.

Finally she took a deep breath to gather her nerve, then stood up, drawing everyone's attention. "Kaledain," she said, and he blinked at her; she almost never used his full name. She looked down into his eyes and said in Thalassian, "Osa tal adore do su o man'ar." Then she sat back down, having finally gotten it out.

"Umm," Scytthe muttered to Rondlo. "Did you understand what she said?" Rondlo shook his head as they both stared.

Kaled gaped at her for a moment, then slowly stood. His mouth opened and closed a couple times, then he finally managed, "....What?" "What happened?" asked Rondlo, politeness vying with his curiosity. Kaled didn't take his eyes off his wife. "I'm..." "Yes, Kaled," Khaotic confirmed, a small smile starting to show itself at the corners of her mouth. He looked around at the other two in a daze. "I'm going to be a father."

A rush of congratulations and well-wishes followed the announcement. Kaled had eyes only for Khaotic, and she stared back at him, beginning to smile a bit uncertainly. Kaled suddenly looked at the others. "Um, fellas?" he asked apologetically. "Can we have a little alone time?" Scytthe and Rondlo quickly agreed, and with many more well-wishes, and a tauren blessing from Rondlo, they departed.

Kaled sat down next to Khaotic, slipping one arm around her waist. He leaned over and kissed her on the shoulder, then her cheek. “How long?” he asked her softly. “The druid said it’s been almost 3 months,” she replied. “I’m due in the winter.” He hugged her gently. “How do you feel about this?” She sighed. “I don’t know yet. I’ve never thought about being a mother. I suppose I’m a little scared right now, this is going to change our lives so much. But at the same time…”

She looked up at him. “Now that it’s happened, I want it. This baby is a part of both of us. What could possibly be bad about that?” He smiled and held her tighter. “We’re going to be busy now,” he said. “We need to find a midwife, think of names, lots of things.” “As far as the first part,” Khaotic put in, “Harene said she would be happy to help us. She knows people here and said she can find a Sin’dorei assistant if needed.” “Good,” he said. “That’s one worry taken care of.” He leaned over and kissed her cheek. “It’s getting late, love. Feel like heading to bed?” She shook her head. “I still have too much to think about right now, love. You go ahead.” He kissed her again, then headed up the stairs to their bed.

Khaotic sat in the quiet for awhile longer. Alti came over and flopped down at her side, and she twined her fingers into his mane. “I hope you’re ready as well,” she whispered to him as she placed her other hand on her belly. “This is going to change a lot of things for all of us. Anar’alah, but I hope I’m ready.” After a bit she finally stood and made her way to bed. She slipped under the covers, and Kaled woke just enough to take her in his arms. Cradled against her husband’s chest, she let herself slide down into sleep.

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