Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking news: 2 long hunts are finished

First bit of news is this.

The leveling grind is over! And yes, I know it says they are 56 instead of 55. I took them both into Sunken Temple with my sister's hunter Rajji a few days ago, and that leveled Kaled. >.>

Now I get to farm battlegrounds til they get their epic mounts. Oh joy.

Second bit of news is this: When I got up this morning for work, I discovered that my sister had been up literally all night. But! She had a surprise for me. She had just found and tamed Loque'nahak!! Don't have any screenshots yet, but I'll be sticking them up here when I do!

Edit: This is on her Ne hunter Kelesaria. Her troll Rajji tamed Gondria the very next day after Boogga got his.

I'm reallly happy for her, since this has been about a 6-month search. She's even had him stolen from her a time or two. But now, she finally has him! Yay!

Edit again: Screenshots of the pretty new spirit beast-


  1. Congratulations are in order! That beastie is a hard one to catch.

    Leveling both your toons to 56 can't have been easy either!

  2. The leveling actually wasn't that hard. Since Khaotic had to catch up to Kaledain I just solo'd her. The real challenge is going to be duoing them to 80. >.>

    That will probably have to wait til I get my new computer. /deepsigh