Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Khlar: Blood and Honor

Blood and honor; it's a common phrase among the orcs. They say it in greeting, use it as a battle cry, and swear by it as part of their oaths. But it has much more meaning than that. When my sister Gwyn came to me and asked for my help in starting a guild of adventurers, there was no doubt as to what we would call it. "Shano nor Balah" means Blood and Honor in our own Thalassian. The blending of the orcish phrase and elven tongue symbolizes the relationship between Gwyn and Treng, and the words themselves are our creed.

Blood is for our family bond. Gwynifar and Treng have gone through the orcs' blood-brotherhood ritual, so she is recognized as an orc by his entire clan. We are siblings by birth, despite my... current state, and I have sworn to myself to protect her. We have met a few others that have agreed to join us, ones that have fought at our side at one time or another, and so are bonded by the blood we spilled. The troll death knight Vestaki is one, and a tauren death knight I met just recently, who calls himself Beefalo.

Honor is for our code. Watch out for each other. Harm no innocents. And always work for the betterment of the Horde and the world around us. The Alliance may look down their noses and call us a lawless pack of beasts, but we will show them better. Not by violence, but by our honorable actions.

Shano nor balah anu terro- blood and honor til death.


Got tired of getting invited into guilds on Moon Guard, and then having the guild go dead or something, so I made my own with my sister and my friend Crison. Feel free to /wave at us if you play on Moon Guard!! :)

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