Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We interrupt this story...

...For a quick recap, since the patch is out now and I haven't done one in a while. I'm not doing too much dual-speccing right now, only Boogga and Alanon have it so far. I will be dual-speccing Taurron when he has the gold, and Taurros will sometime, maybe when he's 80. I plan on dual-speccing Caelan too, but that will be a long time in the future at the rate she is leveling.

So what are the specs?

Boogga- BM- 51/15/5 and MM-7/57/7
Alanon- Boomkin- 58/0/13 and Resto- 14/0/57
(exact specs not decided)
Taurron- prot and dps, probably arms with the buff its gotten
Taurros- bear tank and kitty dps, yes I know they're both feral but hey, it's Taurros, remember?*
Caelan- MM and BM for in case she runs into a spirit beast while leveling. Probly roughly the same specs as Boogga.

I may dual-spec Quae for shadow and heals, haven't decided yet and depends on what the guild needs.

Boogga has his first Ulduar run scheduled for Friday, we'll see how it goes. We've also started Sarth with 1 drake up, haven't gotten him down yet though.

Alt-leveling-wise, I haven't done much except that Khaotíc and Rajast (shammy) have both gotten a level, that puts them at 34 and 36, respectively. I'm feeling an itch to really power-level Khaotíc though, so I'll probably do that my next day off work.

I haven't checked out the Argent tournament yet. Yes, I'm lazy, sue me. :)

Alanon had his first raid, we did Naxx soon after he dinged 80. He missed the first night so this was just finishing up, plus Sapph and KT. 2 pieces of druid t7 dropped, but he lost the roll for both. He did get new gloves and a new ring, though, so I was still happy.

Ummm, can't think of anything else. I have one more chapter to actually write for Barraccus, then the rest is already pretty much written out & I'll just need to copy/paste. :) So his story should be wrapped up pretty soon, and I can get back to more hunter stories!

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

*For those that don't know, Taurros the druid has been feral, and only feral, since the 1.8 patch. I refuse to respec him, the closest he has ever come to not feral has been a 0/30/21 spec in our MC-raiding days, because my guild always made me heal.

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