Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Barraccus: Letters


It feels like it's been months since Caelan's party, instead of a few weeks. I've been very busy here. The Kurenai are easy to get along with and don't mind at all that I'm a death knight. They have been very grateful of the help I've given with their ogre problem. They still remember you, Kel and Jahira, just like the druids in Zangarmarsh, which I think is rather amusing. You all really have gotten around, haven't you?

I found a rather crazy dwarf here in Nagrand as well. He said he was a hunter, but he didn't seem much interested in hunting to me. Instead, he wanted me to do it all! I did what he asked, and he gave me some...."prizes", I guess. The animals he sent me against weren't very difficult to defeat, to be honest. I think he likes to exaggerate, as well as being lazy.

Tell Pitch that I've found a topper to his devilsaur tale. An animal known as a clefthoof, as big as our house! The locals call him Banthar, and he was quite impressive.

That's all I can think of for now, and the leader here wanted me to go investigate some cultist activity nearby. They are afraid the Burning Blade are spreading to Nagrand, so I have my orders to carry out. I will write again soon, if I don't see you first.




I am glad to hear you are well, and fitting in nicely with the Kurenai. But I'm afraid your time there might have to be cut short. Most of us here in Northrend have our hands full in Icecrown, trying to slow or stop the Lich King's forces. We need more help in other areas. As soon as you are able, take the boat from Stormwind Harbor to Borean Tundra. Look for my cousin Riatha at the Valiance Keep inn. She will take you to a death knight named Thassarian. He has defected and joined the Alliance, and needs help with a special mission.

Please hurry. I have a feeling that this could be important, for all of us.




Well, I said I would write. I think you will like Nagrand, if we all survive Arthas' schemes and you get to come here. The Kurenai here are quite interesting. They told me that they're descended from Rhokk's people, if you can believe that. Although I do see a resemblence at times, they generally look very different from Rhokk.

I wish I could spend more time here, but Alanon just sent me a letter asking me to come to Northrend. I hope I am ready.

(The next part looks like the paper is almost worn through, as if it had been written and then rubbed out several times.)

Would you want to meet at the house again when I'm done with this mission Alanon has for me? I would like to see you again. I'll send word when I'm through here and you can let me know then.

I miss you.


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