Monday, April 13, 2009

Quae and Alanon: Discovery

Quae stood on the porch and watched Barraccus ride off, then went back into the house and fixed herself a cup of tea. She took it with her as she walked out to the spot on the beach where she and Barraccus had been the other day, and sipped it while she sat down and watched the waves.

She liked Barraccus, very much. But she wasn't sure how much he liked her, and he seemed so dense sometimes! She wondered if she should just tell him what she felt, but she didn't want to make a fool of herself if he didn't feel the same way. She also had the feeling sometimes that he was hiding something, though she didn't know what it could be.

After an hour or so, she stood up and went back to the house. Alanon was up by then, poking around in the kitchen for breakfast. He looked up when she entered and said," Oh good. Quae, I want to show you something, but don't tell any of the others about it." She followed him out to the main room, feeling puzzled, and watched as he looked through one of the bookshelves. He turned with a letter in his hand. "I wrote to the head of the Darnassus Sentinels several days ago, and finally got an answer. Barraccus told me that he thought he might have been a Sentinel before he became a death knight. Here, tell me what you think." He handed her the letter.

Dear sir,

Regarding your request for information about a Sentinel named Barraccus. We have no one of that name in our forces right now, so I went through our archives. We did have someone by that name with us several years ago. Unfortunately, he and his family left to visit relatives in Lordaeron, and they disappeared. Shortly after this was when we learned that Lordaeron had been taken by the Scourge. We believe they are dead. Please accept our condolences if this Barraccus was a friend or relative of yours.

Quae looked at her brother, eyes wide. "So now we know roughly when it happened. All that's left is how, and what happened to his family," she said, and he nodded. "I think that he needs to find this out on his own. Don't tell anyone else, and do not mention it to him, please," he said, and she nodded.

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