Sunday, April 5, 2009

Barraccus: Dreams

Sorry about the wait for this. I was going to combine this with the next chapter, since it's short, but that one is taking too long to write, so I figured I'd go ahead and post this. Enjoy!

Barraccus woke with a start. It took him a moment to remember where he was- on the couch again at Alanon's house- then he lay back down with a near-silent groan. The house was still dark, the dim, pre-dawn light just starting to show through the windows. He looked over to Pitch's corner; it was hard to tell, but it looked like the two druids there were still asleep. He knew he probably wouldn't sleep any more now, so he quietly got up, wrapped his blanket around his shoulders and went outside.

He found the log where he'd been sitting last night, and sat down. The sky was light enough that he couldn't see the stars, but right now he didn't care. He just sat and thought back on the previous night.

Quae had sat with him for a long time, longer than he would have thought she would. When it began to grow chilly she had finally coaxed him back inside with the others. He had half-expected her to continue with her teasing when they went in, but she had kept mostly quiet, though she had given him a look as she had gone upstairs to bed.

He had to admit to himself now that he rather enjoyed her company, especially when she wasn't teasing him. He remembered Alanon telling him that she liked him, and wondered about his own feelings. She was a friend, that was sure, but he didn't know yet if what he was feeling was anything more than that.

He had gone to bed himself shortly after that, and that led to what was troubling him the most. His dream had come back. It rattled him; when he didn't have it the first night, he had thought that maybe it had left him. And it had changed. The mysterious night elf was still there, but he felt a sort of darkness and sadness all through the dream. Thinking of it now, he shivered. He didn't know what that meant, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to find out.

He had lost track of time, and when his ruminations were suddenly interrupted by a nudge at his elbow, he realized it was well past dawn. He looked down at his side, then grinned at the large black cat and moved over on the log to make room. Alanon shifted out of his cat form and sat next to him. "Didn't sleep well?" the druid asked. "Well enough," Barraccus answered. "The dream I've been having came back last night." "Ah, yes. You were going to tell me about that," Alanon prompted him, so Barraccus told him all he could remember of it, including the strange feeling it had had last night.

When he finished, Alanon sat lost in thought for several minutes. Finally he said, "I have no idea what this could mean. I think there is a possibility that you're right, and it's your memories trying to come back. But I can't tell anything from them without knowing anything about your past, Barraccus. I'm afraid we'll have to wait and see." The death knight sighed, but agreed, and they went back to the house.

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