Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Achievements and Frustrations

Tonight's Naxx went well, as seems to be usual. We cleared 3 wings, Construct, Military, and Spider, and Boogga got his t7 leggings and a new cloak (which unfortunately dropped his hit rating even lower /sigh. I'm hanging on to his old one just in case.). In the spider wing we all got our Arachnophobia achievement with 9 seconds to spare. Lol.

Then I ran into a hunter in Dalaran. Guess what s/he had.

I know I've said I'm done looking for Loque. I'm tired of running laps and never seeing a whisker, then going to someone's blog and reading about how they found and tamed him. I'm just tired of the disappointment. But after seeing this guy, I wound up heading to Sholazar.

4 laps of the map while spamming my target macro later, and still nothing. I think I might actually drive myself crazy sometime. I would love to hear from someone... is there anyone else that has been looking for Loque or King Krush, and never seen a scale or whisker? I'm finding it hard to believe that my luck is this bad. I mean, it's been 5(?) months since Wrath launched, Boogga was level 76 in a few weeks and I've been looking ever since. I have seen Krush ONCE, dead, and Loque might as well not even exist.

So now, on to my other frustration. Barraccus is now level 69 and in Northrend. He has done the quest chain to get his shiny blue axe. But, his story has been stuck for awhile now because I've been having writer's block. The quest he just completed is very important to his story, and now I feel like I shouldn't be playing him until his story gets caught up with where he is in-game, but I have a LOT to cover. For now I am trying to get Alanon to 80, but Barraccus has been fun, and I want to play him. So I don't know what I'm going to do at this point.

Don't want to leave this on a rant, so I'm wrapping this up with a brag moment. First, on the Grand Widow Faerlina fight, Boogga came in at #1 on the damage meter. Second one requires an explanation. My alliance guild master was discussing hunter pets a couple days ago, particularly BM pets. I mentioned that Samurai has done 1k dps by herself on multiple raids. She didn't believe me, so here is my proof (even though she probably won't ever see this heh). The recount for Patchwerk from tonight:

(And yes, my raid UI is messy >.<)

That's it for now, hopefully I will have another chapter for Barraccus finished soon. Til next time Happy Hunting!

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