Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barraccus: Heading off again

Barracus was still blushing when they reached the house. Every time he stopped, he started thinking of what Quae had said, and would start turning red again. After sitting with the others for awhile, he finally had to go out by himself and try to regain his composure. While he was gone, Alanon asked Quae what she had done to him. She just shrugged while trying not to laugh.

Barraccus stayed one more day before leaving to return to Zangarmarsh. He spent most of that day with Quae again, though this time he sought out her company as much as she did his. He felt more relaxed around her after the conversation they had had on the beach. She seemed much more at ease around him as well, as if he had passed a test with her. She still teased him mercilessly, but the teasing was punctuated by moments of seriousness that reminded him of her brother Alanon.

The next morning he got up early as usual, and quietly retrieved his packed saddlebags and went outside to get Oscor. After strapping the packs onto the saber's saddle, he turned away to look at the house once more. He was startled to see Quae on the porch, watching him disapprovingly. She came over while he stood there looking guilty. "Not going to say goodbye, huh?" she asked him. He stuttered a couple times, then fell silent. "Well," she said. "You didn't get away from me at least. I can pass your goodbyes on to the others." He nodded, still feeling guilty. "Um, goodbye, Quae. I don't know when I'll be back, but I'll see you all then," he said. "I'll write, too."

She just stared at him. They stood in rather awkward silence for a minute, then she suddenly smiled wryly. "You really don't have a clue, do you?" she asked, then before he could answer, she reached out and patted his cheek. "Well, if my brother had to bring a death knight home, at least he found a cute one," she said. "I might be afraid to be out here alone with you otherwise." Barraccus blurted out without thinking, "You don't seem to be afraid of anything." He immediately started blushing furiously, but she didn't say anything; in fact, she looked rather pleased.

"You better get going before the others wake up, then you'll never get out of here," she told him, her serious expression belied by the twinkle in her eyes. With that, she turned and went back to the house.

Barraccus turned back and mounted Oscor, then rode out of the yard, thoroughly confused now. He glanced back once before the trees hid the house from view. Quae was back on the porch, watching him go.

He didn't remember much of the trip back to the Portal, his thoughts were too much in a whirl. He had the feeling Quae had wanted him to do or say something, but he didn't know what. He was glad when he arrived back in the 'Marsh, and was able to distract himself by keeping busy. He wished that his dreams were that easy to forget too, though. As soon as he had returned to Outland, they came back every night without fail.

He had only been there for about a week before the Kurenai he found there suggested he go on to their main village of Telaar, in the neighboring plains of Nagrand. He readily agreed, and set out the next day.

He decided to stop at Shattrath and see the once-great city on his way to Telaar. Upon his arrival, he found a boy willing to show him around in exchange for a few coins. The "tour" ended at the Aldor Rise, where he paid the boy, then took the lift up and got a room at the inn. He went ahead and got something to eat, even though he wasn't really hungry, then went back to his room, lay on the bed, and waited for his dream to come.

The dreams had continued to become more vivid. While they had at first simply been visions of the mysterious night elf female, they had taken on more detail, showing a house with rooms that were both familiar and strange. Within a few days of his coming to Shattrath, they changed again. His first dream that came at the Draenei city showed the female elf sitting in a large window, then he slowly became aware of a cradle next to her. The next few nights were the same, with the cradle gaining more details each time. He thought he was beginning to understand what was happening in the dream, but he couldn't make it change any faster than what it already was.

He went on to Telaar after spending a few days in Shattrath, resting. The Kurenai provided a welcome distraction, with their need for help against the ogres, who were attacking them without mercy. He could not get away totally from the dreams, however. During his second week there, a small night elven boy appeared in her lap, and he became aware that there was a second baby in the cradle. But where was the father? He still had no clue.

He was aware that he was becoming obsessed with his dream, even worse than he had been about regaining his memory. Finally he decided to try to get away for a little while. He packed his things and headed back to Ashenvale, planning to go back to Alanon’s house and stay for a few days.

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