Sunday, March 8, 2009


Didn't do much today. Alanon got his first Violet Hold run, we steamrolled it with 3 level 80 guildies, Alanon, and a 75 DK guildie. Alanon is back to resto, boomkin is fun but I'm probably going to be healing instances alot as he finishes leveling to 80, so I figured why not. As for the rest of today's activities, I thought pictures would tell it better than words. ;)

Forgot to get a SS of the UC raid, it was so hectic that just staying alive and on Sylvanas' platform kept me too busy. This was the biggest reason why I went resto now- since at 75 he couldn't really do anything to the bosses, I figured healing was the best way to help out.

I have another 2-3 stories in my head, but haven't been able to finish any yet. I've been so tired lately that I'm kinda brain-dead. Hopefully I'll get one done sometime this week.

P.S. I find it extremely humorous right now that last Sunday we had an almost-blizzard, and exactly one week later it is 80 degrees outside. >.>

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