Friday, March 27, 2009

Kel'thuzad down!

After Wednesday's run we only had Construct wing, minus Patchwerk. So in we went and....

Thaddius fight. I thought it was hilarious that Mag was all the way out next to me and was still hitting the boss.

The start of Sapphiron. Got him on the first try, whooo!

Kel'thuzad pwned us at first, until on a whim I switched out Mageddon for Samurai. Got him down the next try. :)
After Kel was pounded into the floor, Boogga decided to see how comfy his throne was.

Best part was, Boo lived through all the boss kills. Even Grobbulus.

Boogga has now cleared Naxx! Whee!

(We went and killed Sartharion right after, and Boogga pulled 2310 dps for the entire raid, his best yet I think. :))


  1. /cheer

    Nicely done Sarai! I can't wait to get in Naxx myself. It's going to be all kinds of fun.

    But man, that T-rex is HUGE.

  2. Grats! I'm nowhere near being able to clear Naxx atm. One day though, one day :)