Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Khaotic: no longer walking

She was sitting at level 28, so I took her to Thousand Needles and started questing. Little bit later and....

...she dinged level 30!! Woohoo!!

She and Alti solo'd the level 30 elite quest panther. At level 28. /flex

Going to try some instance runs for a while, see if I can't get her some better gear. Maybe SM graveyard/Library with Boogga or one of my sister's high-levels.

Not much else going on. Taurron is 71 now, specced back to prot, and has gotten all his Nexus/UK quests done, he looks mean and spiky now with all the new gear. Muahaha! Tomorrow night is Boogga's first raid with his regular group, my guild finally has enough people to run 2 10-Naxx groups. :D

Also, my kitty is incredibly silly. And he has a fascination with plastic bags.

He's so cute!

Going to go crash now, til next time Happy Hunting!

P.S. Working on a story for Pitch next, hopefully coming soon!

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