Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quae and the diary/Barraccus in Darnassus

Today you totally get a two-for-one deal. Woohoo! And for only 10 gold more, I'll throw in this lovely- er, nevermind. Got carried away for a bit. >.>

Crison and I are collaborating again, go check out his Chapter 10 & 11 to know what's going on in Quae's story.

Quae closed the small book with a sigh of frustration. She glanced at the draenei in the bed next to hers to make sure he was still sleeping, then slid Rhokk's diary back into his pack on the floor. She had been reading it secretly whenever she could ever since she had met Rhokk. She knew she shouldn't, but he was so secretive about some things! So she just tried to make sure he didn't catch her.

His latest entry was especially worrying. She had thought he looked more tired than his trip would have made him, but she hadn't known he was injured. They had ran into each other here in Theramore earlier that day; she was on her way to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas, he wouldn't tell her where he was going. Now she knew why. Tanaris was a very long trip, and he was hurt, struck by a worgen while they passed through Silverpine a few days earlier. He hadn't told either her or Jahira, because of his Elune-curse-it pride. At least according to his diary, the humans at Southshore had patched him up, but she thought he still looked awfully weak.

She had subtly cast a quick spell on him earlier, to check for diseases, and had come up with nothing. So whatever was wrong with him was nothing she could cure. She wondered if she should try to hold him here while she sent for Jahira or Alanon, but they were far away in Northrend and she didn't want to worry them. Besides, she didn't think he would stay here longer than it took for the sun to come up. She briefly thought of her brother Pitch, and wondered if sitting on him would work.

She worried about him, and had since they had first met. He sometimes seemed too anxious to do things, especially if it was connected to his lost memories. And he seemed to think that he had to do everything by himself. She was beginning to think of him as a brother, like Pitch or Alanon, and didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

Quae looked over at Rhokk again, just as a shudder seemed to come over him, and his face twisted a bit in pain. She sighed again, then pulled her blanket up and settled into bed. She tried to fall asleep for several minutes, only to give up with a growl. She glanced over again to make sure Rhokk still slept- he did- and carefully dug out the diary again. Maybe there was some hint inside that would help her figure out what was wrong....


Barraccus was extremely nervous as he stepped off the boat in Rut'theran Village. He had not been to his race's home city since, well, he didn't know when. Certainly not after he had become a death knight. He was afraid of the reaction he might get, after seeing how much death knights were feared and loathed in other areas. But Alanon had suggested, rather strongly in fact, that he get a saber mount of his own. The druid hoped that if he didn't have to ride his death charger everywhere, people might come to accept him easier, especially when he was ready to step into Northrend himself. So Barraccus found himself heading to the night elf capital. With a deep breath to steady his nerves, he stepped through the portal into Darnassus.

The night elf city was beautiful, even to the non-elves who visited. He stopped for a moment to just look around, then headed to the Cenarion Enclave, where they kept and sold the riding sabers.

He found them with no problems; all he had to do was follow the sound of their roars and growls. There were six of them stabled there now, and he looked them over carefully. He quickly narrowed it down to a white female and a dark male, and asked the handler about them. "The white one comes from Winterspring, the dark one is from Feralas. They are about the same age, and either one would be perfect for you. I'll let you know, though, the male has been specially bred for going long distances. If you travel a lot, he might be better." Barraccus considered for awhile, then chose the male.

He asked about a name while he paid and waited for the saber to be harnessed. "We call him Storm, it's just what we call every one that looks like him, though, so feel free to change it. They are smart, it won't take him long to learn a new name." He nodded, then took the reins from her and swung into the saddle.

He rode back toward the portal at a slow walk, so as not to run over any of the crowd near the bank. As his new mount paced along, however, he had a sudden flashback, so strong that he almost fell out of his saddle.

He had done something like this before! He had ridden these streets, on a mount much like his current one. But what for? His gaze settled on one of the Sentinels nearby, and his thoughts spun...

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