Sunday, March 29, 2009

I has been tagged!

Faulsey over at Master's Call has tagged me for the newest thing going around, which is to tell what your character's name means. Now, I have a LOT of characters, so this might be a really long post (tho I'm not going to do all of them).

Kaledain- He is named after an entire clan of people, in one of my favorite fantasy series by Mercedes Lackey. His pets are also named in the language of this clan, with the exception of Argus.

Gwynifar- This is a variation of Guinevere, I like historical fantasy almost as much as regular fantasy, and the story of Arthur and Guinevere is one of my favorites.

Taurros- He's a bull-man, what did you expect? Kidding, hehe. I did not name him after the Pokemon, this just popped into my head while creating him so I used it. Also, my warrior Taurron I made to kind of be Taurros' "twin" so that's why their names are so similar.

Alanon- I named him after one of my favorite characters by my favorite author, tho I had to mess with the spelling. :P

Pitchblack- I didn't name him after the movie, his name is actually a reference to his cat form, since I intended him to be feral right from the get-go. But the movie did give me the idea.

Quae- This was just something off the top of my head. I wanted to name her something else, which was taken, so this was my second choice. I thought it was hilarious when I discovered an NPC with the same name.

Caelàn- Her name, and all her pets' names, are Gaelic, just for kicks. Her name doesn't mean anything special, it's just a fairly common girl's name. Her pets' names all have meanings, though.

Khaotic- She was my twink on Gilneas, before I transferred my horde over to Durotan. I was getting pretty full over there, so I wound up deleting her, then remade her just recently. I wanted a good twink name, not like Ikillunoob but something more.... impressive. Since hunters usually rain destruction from a distance and such, this name suited her perfectly.

That's pretty much it, everyone else was named just with random stuff I thought of, or mashing the "random" button. I don't know who else has been tagged for this, so I'm just gonna tag my buddy Crison of Unholy Presence. Muahaha!

-Happy Hunting!

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