Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kaledain: Dark Alleys

Too Many Annas had a post a couple weeks back about a 500-word ficlet telling what would happen if your character was mugged. I couldn't think of anything then, but I've been itching to do something with Kaled for awhile now. So here's mine.


Murder Row was appropriately named, and Kaled kept his hands close to his swords as he walked alone that night. Khaotic had stayed at their house while he ran his errands, and now he was hurrying home where she probably had supper waiting. His thoughts were elsewhere as he walked quickly down the dark, empty street, until he heard the hiss of a drawn blade and a sharp whisper behind him.

"Stop right there, hold your hands where I can see them, and hand over your gold," the voice said. Kaled did as he was told, holding his hands out wide as he carefully turned to face his adversary. The scrawny male blood elf behind him had the pinched look of a bloodthistle addict, and a very large dagger in his hand pointed at Kaled's gut. Kaled tried stalling for time.

"Look, fellow, why do you want to rob me? Surely you could get a job or something?" he said conversationally. The elf snarled, "Shut up. Don't want no job, want your money, now." "Please," Kaled continued. "Do you even know who, or rather what, I am?" The thief jabbed his dagger at Kaled's stomach, causing him to suck it in quickly. "No I don't, and don't care. Why?" he said. "I am a hunter," Kaled answered. "So you ought to know, it was a big mistake to try and rob me." The thief spat at his feet. "And why is that, hot shot?" he asked nastily, then suddenly froze, a look of panic and horror coming over his face as a low growl started from behind him. Kaled smiled grimly as he saw Ashkeyana come into view over the thief's shoulder. "Because, my young, stupid friend," he told the other elf. "Hunters never travel alone."

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