Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh. My. Golly...

A new spirit beast!!!!

Read about it on BRK's blog here or at Wowhead here.

Seriously, I'm not sure if I'll try to tame this one. I still like Loque's look better, and the growls he makes while attacking are just awesome. And, he was the first spirit beast so he's had more attention.

But, after circling the Basin every time I've thought about it ever since Boogga hit 76 (and that was how long ago?), I have just about given up on Loque. If I find him, you can bet I'll tame him in a heartbeat, but I am no longer actively looking for him. So this will probably be a matter of which one I find first.

And if I do find Gondria, I have a name picked out already, Spectre. (Loque's new name will be Naluu)

/sigh /love /want

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