Friday, March 6, 2009

Bugs! (no, not that kind)

Okay, I know I haven't done any "regular" posts for a while now, just stories. So, what have I been doing in-game recently? Well,....

Khaotíc and Caelàn are both level 28, Caelàn is now working on leveling her pets 'cause they have fallen behind,
Working on starting a guild with Khlar, since I can't seem to find one that fits me on Moon Guard,
Alliance is fun again, I've been playing there alot the last couple days. Quae is up to 42, Pitch is close to 52 and I might level him tonight, and obviously from my last story Alanon has done the full Wrathgate quest line and is also almost leveled to 75.

The biggest thing I've been doing, though, is with Boogga. I took him to AQ40 to see if I could get any of the bug mounts. I found out he can kill the solo patrols easily, but the groups of 4 sentinels are a bit too much for Karda. I had been in there for a little while and gotten the blue mount when one of my guildies noticed what I was doing. Pretty soon we had a small group in there, and stuff was falling like crazy. By the time we were all bored, everyone had a blue, green, and yellow bug (the red one never dropped). Then someone wanted to go kill the world dragons. It took a while to find any of them, but shortly after Ysondre and Taerar were down. We had a blast.

I'm going to try farming Strat now for Rivendare's mount. If I can get it to drop, I'm thinking of going for the mount achievement on Boo, and getting him a pretty white drake.

Wheeee! I might go back and try for the red one again. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

Edit: Taurron just hit 70, wootzors! The only problem now is, after buying his level 70 skills and finally training up his jewelcrafting, he has less than 500g. I don't think I'm that worried about his flying training though, I'll probably just train it whenever he does have the money (he has until 77 before I'll really want it anyway).

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