Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, power outages, and stuff

It snowed most of yesterday and last night, and still had a little coming down when I got up this morning. Normally I like snow, but this storm brought a not-so-little problem. We lost power at our house, and have no idea when it's coming back. Now, it's not so bad for my sister and I, because our parents live about 3 minutes away so we can just camp out over there til our power returns. But, I'm worried about my animals right now. With 8 turtles that need to stay reasonably warm, and our 6-month old cat that has never spent that much time alone, this frankly just blows. So yea, Buster is alone at our chilly house, while we're nice and warm at our parents. Can we say separation anxiety? At least my turtles are all okay so far.

But enough moaning and groaning. I thought I'd share some pics of our loverly snowfall. Enjoy!

Our house. Looks cozy now, don't it?

Icicles hanging off our back awning.

This is at our parents' house. This hemlock tree is leaning over against the house. /boggle

A view of the parents' backyard. Pretty.

These trees are bent over from the weight of the snow.

That's it for now. Might do an actual Wow post later, haven't decided yet.
-Happy Hunting!

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