Monday, February 9, 2009

Why ADD is bad

I had a plan for today, I really did. You see, my rogue Zuuluu wants a wolf mount. Not a frostwolf, a real, Orgrimmar-approved wolf. His rep with them is getting pretty close (can't remember exactly what it's at right now) so I was going to take him out and find Elders, all of them if I could. Because each Elder you talk to gives 75 rep to all Horde factions. And with 38 Elders in Azeroth, 6 in the old-world dungeons (which he can stealth thru), plus whichever ones in Northrend I can reach with him (he's still only 70), that's a hefty chunk of rep.

But I never did it. My sister convinced me to go with her to Zul'drak so her hunter and Boogga could run thru Har'koa's quest chain, then after she logged to go to work, I wound up getting on Khlar. Poor, poor neglected Zuuluu. :(

But on a positive note, Boogga's chimaera Gwaihera is almost level 78 now. He also got the Amphitheater of Anguish completed, and Karda the hydra tanked it! He did a great job too, considering our group's healer was a feral druid who claimed he went OOM after 3 heals. He died on the last boss but we finished him off shortly after. I love my hydra. <3

Also Khlar's mining is finally 300 (and herbs are up to 312 now too), so I can finally take him to Outlands for good, except for occasional instance runs with Gwyn. Thorium on his server is ridiculous, he'll have a steady cash flow whenever I want to go farm some. Gonna see how close I can get to 62 before I log tonight. Maybe I can find some Elders for Zuu sometime tomorrow after work, before our Naxx raid. Maybe.... >.>

Also on a more frustrating note, I am trying to write another story for Kaled, but I'm having a major writer's block. It's about to drive me crazy. Every time I try to think it out, I start thinking of something else. Argh.

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