Saturday, February 28, 2009

He made it

Taurron is in Northrend now, yay. He went to Howling Fjord first, I'm gonna move him to Borean Tundra when he hits 70. He did all the quests at the starting town and hit 69 in record time. Going to duo him with my sister's shaman mostly, I hope, since he does tend to die alot.

I picked up a 2-handed mace as a quest reward, but Taur's weapon skill is below 250 and I didn't want to level it. I did try taking him to UC to try and raise it on the target dummies but apparently Blizz has "fixed" them so they don't give skill-ups anymore. GG Blizz. :P

I am adding to Kaledain's story, preparing for when they finally get to Outlands, but I'm not gonna post anything until they actually get there. When they do, tho, I'll have plenty of story ideas all ready to go! For now, it's AV weekend so Kaled is back in there, getting more marks for his Frostwolf. I hope to get him up to 25-30 marks before the weekend is over (he has 18 right now) despite my short attention span when it comes to pvp.

Also, I updated my blogroll, and it has asploded. Eek.

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