Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Different Stance

No hunters or death knights today. It kinda hit me that my tauren warrior Taurron is only 2 levels away from Northrend, so I hopped on him to see how far I could get. He did Ring of Blood (which he tanked!), then got a Slave Pens group. We were going to do Underbog after but it didn't happen. :(

P.S. A level 67 fury warrior can't hold aggro against a level 69 unholy death knight. Taur started out tanking but we switched duties after the first boss.

He dinged 67 shortly after Ring of Blood and I did something I'd been thinking about for awhile; I respecced him fury (he had been prot since around 63). He has his Honed Voidaxe in one hand and the Warsong Howling Axe in the other. It took me a little while to figure it out and find my groove, but now he's rockin'.

He is now 63% of the way thru 67, but I'm tired now so I'll finish it up tomorrow. Then he'll be Northrend bound! /happy. He finished the night with a special treat, a concert in Shattrath by the Elite Tauren Chieftains.

After him it will be Khlar's turn. I know I can get him to 68 easy, and hopefully my sister will forgive me for beating her out there. :)

Happy Hunting!

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