Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A question of morals

Random post, yay!

I've been checking out some RP bloggers lately and found this post from Too Many Annas that got me thinking. She does this thing every Friday called the Friday Five, where she asks 5 questions, and you answer according to how your character would think or react. This one was about faith and morals, which caught my interest since I've been reading alot of stuff on other blogs about the morality issues in some of the quests Blizzard has put in Wrath. (Perfect example is this quest, where the Kirin Tor have you interrogate a prisoner.) So I started thinking about how my characters would answer these questions. Here are Kaled's, Khaotic's, Khlar's, and Boogga's responses, I didn't include all my toons to avoid the Massive Wall of Text.

First, the questions from Anna's post:

  1. Does your character have any religious/spiritual beliefs?
  2. Is your character superstitious?
  3. Does your character swear? If so, how? Is he or she creative about it?
  4. How does your character regard “the Law”? Does he or she have a personal moral code?
  5. Does your character like to dance? (feel free to assume that characters can dance in ways other than the WoW standard /boogies)
And my answers:

1. Kaled believes in the Light, more or less, and has a "Live and let live" philosophy. His sense of honor is very similar to an orc's despite the fact that he's a blood elf.
Khaotic believes in herself and those she trusts. To her, higher powers have nothing to do with it.
Khlar does not believe in any religion; he believes himself not worthy of much of anything right now, and needs to redeem himself in his own eyes before he'll start thinking of spiritual beliefs.
Boogga doesn't care much about religion. Give him a bow, a full quiver, and a pet and some critters to hunt and he's content.

2. Kaled, Khaotic, and Khlar are not superstitious at all. Khaotic thinks superstitions are stupid, and Khlar isn't afraid of anything, after all, he's already had the worst possible thing happen to him, to his way of thinking.
Boogga can be mildly superstitious at times, comes with being a troll I guess.

3. Kaled does not swear much at all, he'd have to be really mad or frustrated, and it's usually along the lines of "Blast it" or something similarly mild.
Khaotic usually doesn't swear much, but when she gets ticked off she will cuss like a pirate. She usually swears in Thalassian, so most people wouldn't understand her anyway unless they happen to be another blood elf.
Khlar doesn't hold much with swearing. If he gets mad about something (which is extremely rare) he's more likely to just "dispose" of the problem.
Boogga doesn't swear much, just because he's pretty easy-going and doesn't really care.

4. Kaled has a very strong moral code. For instance, he did not believe in fighting among the races until he joined the Frostwolves in Alterac. Killing monsters, OK- fighting humans and other elves, not good. He follows the Law unless it clashes with something he believes in, then he will follow his own morals.
Khaotic lived as a soldier from her mid-teens until she met Kaled in her twenties. She has had the Law drilled into her, and follows it unless it runs counter to her own equally strong moral code, which is based on honor much like Kaled’s.
Khlar ignores the Law completely, but his sense of honor is close enough like it that it usually gives him no problem.
Boogga also follows his own code of honor, which is similar to most orcs (he actually spends more time among the orcs and tauren than among his own race) so he usually has no problems either.

5. Kaled is really too shy to be a good dancer, although Khaotic will drag him out every now and then. She enjoys a good dance/party, but hasn't been to many recently because she prefers Kaled's company.
Khlar does not dance, he's too serious-minded for it really.
Boogga loves to dance and will cut loose with anyone, anytime he wants.

Feel free to put down your own answers if you want, either post them here or on your own blog if you have one. :)

And for anyone that might wonder regarding that quest I linked, Khaotic would go through with it and question(oh heck, I'll say it, torture) the prisoner, though she would be thoroughly disgusted with the Kirin Tor. Kaled would not do it, no way no how. Khlar would also refuse, it would be too much like what he did while in service to the Lich King. Boogga would do it and has already (obviously since he's 80) without many qualms, though he would think differently if the prisoner were a Horde race (looks human, eh, why not).

Have fun with this and Happy Hunting!

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  1. 1. Does your character have any religious/spiritual beliefs?

    Klinderas believes he's the best there is, hands down, no questions asked. If he were to be compared to anyone who actually IS better than him, he will quickly try to learn what they know, and apply it to himself. Then he goes about bragging again.

    2. Is your character superstitious?

    Only of gnomes. Everyone else, he knows pretty well(as far as stereotypes go). Gnomes are just bad news.

    3. Does your character swear? If so, how? Is he or she creative about it?

    He swears alright. He's not altogether uncreative, but he normally just says one thing, and then moves on.

    4. How does your character regard “the Law”? Does he or she have a personal moral code?

    Depends if the law is in his way or out of it. If he doesn't like it, he will no abide by it. But, if someone else breaks it, he'll make sure to tell them. He's kind of a hypocrite.

    5. Does your character like to dance? (feel free to assume that characters can dance in ways other than the WoW standard /boogies)

    Hrrrm. Klin DOES dance, but normally with a partner or not at all. He also seems to favour dances with a formal way to do it, like waltz and salsa type stuff. He believes that if he is the best Hunter out there, he certainly is the best dancer too.