Friday, February 6, 2009

Second Night in Naxx- Heigan 3 manned

We started out in the Plague quarter. Noth was easy and Loatheb was a cakewalk, but the biggest event I think of the night was our try at Heigan the Unclean. My guild had never killed him before, this time we not only got him down, but got him on the first try. The fight itself was rather incredible because 7 of us were dead by the time he was at 54%, only our DK off-tank, priest healer, and one of our rogues was still alive. The 3 of them got him from 54% down and killed him. Our shammy popped his reincarnate when Heigan was at about 34%, but he died again at 10%. I turned fraps on, also around 34%, and recorded it, here it is. :)

It's also on Youtube here but the quality stinks.

I love my guild hehe. P.S. If you don't like the music, please don't complain. You can always mute it.

We did Construct Quarter after and killed Grobbulus after 5 or 6 tries. I didn't live thru any of them. :(

It was so late after we got Grobb down that we called it after that. They're going back Sunday to finish but I won't be there since they're going while I'll still be at work.

Going to work on Khaotíc tonight, I want to get her at least to 20.


  1. Did not expect that music. 0.o

    Either way, that was pretty cool! Heigan is doable so long as there are heals and a tank. It's entirely likely that A BM hunter with a healer could do this.

  2. Dang, now I want to try that lol.

    I actually surprise a lot of people with my taste in music. >.>