Monday, February 23, 2009

Khlar: Lonliness

I am usually alone these days. It was by choice, at first; I was afraid that Arthas would somehow regain control over me, and I had no wish to hurt anyone that might be near me. But as time goes by and I believe that I am well and truly free of him, still I find my only companions are Geth and my own thoughts.

In Azeroth this is actually preferable to me. Too many people still see death knights as monsters, killing machines that cannot be trusted. And this is true for many, even some of those that have escaped Arthas still continue their dark deeds. But it still hurts when I see their distrustful, even hateful, looks directed at me, after all my attempts at proving myself. So it was with some relief that I turned to the Dark Portal and the broken world that lay beyond.

Once on the other side of the Portal, I found to my amazement that I was accepted there. The soldiers of Thrallmar don't care who you are or once were, only that you are there to help in their efforts against the Burning Legion. That discovery was almost enough to make me giddy. I have since also befriended the orcs of the Mag'har tribe, who have survived here in Outland by being suspicious of everything. This gives me hope that someday, I will be accepted wherever I go.

But still, I usually travel alone. Oh, I have joined a few fellow adventurers for a time, once or twice. I even ventured into the fel orcs' Hellfire Citadel with several other death knights, accompanied by a priest skilled in healing to help us keep on our feet and finish our mission. We were able to thin out the fel orc numbers in the Citadel, and even killed a few key members of their command, though I fear it will not be enough. But I am rambling now. Our little band did not hold together much longer than our return to Thrallmar, however, and I once again found myself alone.

And yet, I hold onto the hope of one day finding a real friend, someone to share my travels and experiences with. I was in Tirisfal Glades just a few days ago, responding to a call for help from Brill. A pair of Alliance members were aggravating some of the Forsaken there, not causing a lot of trouble but still being a nuisance. I went there to help drive the Alliance pests away, and wound up spending quite a bit of time with a troll death knight named Vestaki whom I met there. She was rather shy and unsure of herself, having been freed of Arthas' control just recently, but we had a fairly lengthy conversation, and parted ways with a promise to look each other up again soon. I think she may become the first person outside my family that I could truthfully call a friend.

I have not been home for some weeks now. Gwynifar has sent me a letter saying that she and Treng have been commissioned to try and slay a renegade human mage named Arugal, who is holed up in Shadowfang Keep. I leave Thrallmar tomorrow to go to help them. It will be good to see her again, and Treng as well.

Been trying to finish this one for days, and here it is finally. Vestaki is my sister's death knight, so we'll be leveling them together as much as possible. Although she'll have to catch up, Khlar is 65 now and Vestaki is still 58.

I've spent most of the last 2 days in bed, hopefully I'll kick this cold soon. It's no fun being sick. :P

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