Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What to do....

Having some confusing/maybe frustrating stuff going on right now. First off I should probably mention the patch, since that's most likely what everyone else is talking about. Frankly? I'm. Not. Ready. I wanted to get at least Arvoss up to 80 before Icecrown hit so I could do some heroic farming for badges and gear him up. That can be blamed mostly on the amount of time I've spent either on one of my druids or just RPing, but it still rankles that I didn't get it done. And I'm starting to doubt whether I'm going to be getting into Icecrown on the 80s I do have. Reason why- I was looking at the new LFG/LFR stuff they put in on Barraccus, who I think is better geared now than Alanon. But it wouldn't even let him join the queue for the raid dungeon, because "he needs to obtain better gear." My problem with this should be obvious; people cause enough grief over looking for the best geared players and ignoring the ones that actually need the stuff that drops. Now it seems that Blizzard is agreeing with this mindset. And I don't mean to say that undergeared toons should be carried through raids they aren't geared for, but to set the standard so high seems ridiculous. Since my guild on Gilneas hasn't even cleared Northrend beasts in TOC, how long do you think it'll be before we'll see Icecrown, going by that standard? Considering that the guild seems to be fracturing, and 2 of my friends there have transferred to Horde, Cataclysm will probably be out by then. So really, what's the point?

Second issue is with some of the RP I've been going through. This actually covers several different points, so bear with me. First off is I love having Pitch on Feathermoon, but I also miss Alanon. My sis wants to transfer her warrior and pally to FM, and if she does then I'll be bringing Alanon over too, because right now he and her pally are together, and I hate breaking up couples. That will leave me with 3 druids, on one server. I'm sure I'll be hearing about that, though that doesn't honestly bother me. But I'm not sure how much I want to leave Gilneas. Some of my oldest friends are there, and while a few of them are not on A-side much anymore, they're still on the server. So I don't know what I want to do about that.

Next is Pitch, and this isn't so much of a rant as just musing. RP-wise he's been doing fine around one or 2 people most of the time, but it seems like if there's a larger group around, he manages to make somebody mad at some point, and that just makes it awkward to have him there. I really want him to find his niche and be sociable soon.

Saving Shaurria for last because she's getting complicated, next up is Kaled and Khaotic. I would like to find an RP guild for them. Also they are having their baby later this month, either Christmas or the day after. They still don't know anyone on the server. My few experiences on Horde-side has been that most people are like on any other server- they want to raid/instance or they want to pvp. I had a devil of a time getting Shaur's achievement for the Pilgrim's Bounty stuff, especially at TB and Undercity. Both of those places were being camped by pvp'ers, which was to be expected, but no one was the least interested in any kind of roleplay. I really didn't feel like I was on an RP server at all, and I know it will get better when they get up more? But I'm wondering just how much better it will really be. I almost want to just switch them to Alliance and give up on Horde completely. (Well, okay not really, but close.)

Now for Shaurria. When I say she's getting complicated, I mean it. Shaur is having a few issues that she really doesn't know how to talk about. For one, she is lonely again. With Arvoss out in Northrend again, Windstar being kind of all over the place, Takani's acceptance into Stormwind U, Feliche being MIA (he's been leveling an alt), and Aely usually hanging out with Arrens, she has no one to turn to. And she is a cuddlekitty. She wants to be petted and fussed over on occasion, but she doesn't want to intrude. So when Aely and Arrens go off by themselves (like what happened tonight), she figures they want to be alone and doesn't even try to follow.

This has left her turning to probably the most unlikely person ever- Pitch. Pitch is curious about her, and has been pestering her a lot, trying to get her to talk about things she'd rather leave alone. Then he had an argument with Takani one night, when he discovered Tak had been studying demons at the school. Shaur thinks he's weird (and has told him so many, many times) and rude, and he keeps irritating her or one of her friends. But when she gets lonely, he's often been the only one around. She's starting to like him despite all his quirks. And it hit me earlier today that she might, just maybe, be developing a crush on him. This could be a bit awkward, since she's still very young and Pitch wouldn't want to start a romance with a "cub." Right now he only wants to learn about her, and maybe mentor her a bit. But tonight she was a sad, lonely kitty and Pitch was trying to cheer her up and, well....

Good idea? Bad idea? I really don't know right now. Maybe it'll look clearer after some sleep. Which I really need to get more of.



  1. Just so you know? Windstar is not impressed with Pitch trying to influence 'her little sister'. However, she believes Shaur can make up her own mind about him, and won't try to chase him away (no matter how much she might want to).
    As far as everything on Gilneas, and about Feathermoon Horde-side RP, I totally agree. I probably should go make my own post about it tho, instead of filling up your comment space with a MWoT. :P

  2. For as much as he's a blithering idiot in his own relationships, Arrens sees what's happening between Shaur & Pitch, though he's not likely to say anything about it unless asked.
    As for what happened with Aely last night, that's something Anna & I are writing up right now and should be posted for readability here before too long. That said, Arrens will be very much in need of a comfort kitty of the Shaur & Star variety very, very soon.

  3. So what Arrens? Takani not count? ;)
    But anyway I agree with you whole heartedly. I know Takani is spending alot of time in Stormwind U but he's trying to juggle alot of classes and time with his friends as well as he can. Hopefully soon he'll be able to spend more time with his friends.

  4. Last night wasn't intended to end up with Aely and Arrens off alone - she'd hoped to spend what is likely her last night in Stormwind for awhile with friends.

    Ended up that they needed to hash some things out (Fic coming, I promise!). Arrens is going to need someone to talk to - and he's a good person to talk at for Shaur as well. Aely will also likely work out a way to get Shaur to Dalaran if need be, since she's going to be mostly stationed up there for awhile.

  5. Wow, I really didn't think this would get this much of a response heh. <3 you guys!

    Shaur would LOVE to get to Dalaran. Besides seeing Aely, she'd also see a lot more of Arvoss and Star. (Un?)fortunately Pitch will be up there too, so she won't be able to avoid him much.