Friday, December 11, 2009

Feeling Musically Inclined

Bored, working on another story but haven't really started it yet, and it occurred to me that while I've mentioned some of my characters' "theme songs," I haven't listed them all together yet. So, random musical post today.

Obviously this requires some thought, so I haven't found songs for all my toons. But here's what I do have so far. (Tried to get videos with lyrics whenever I could.)

For Shaurria- Field of Innocence, by Evanescence. Yes, I know it's a sad song, but it fits her early life really well. So well, in fact, that I had goosebumps when I found it. But I am looking for something a little happier for her current situation, just haven't found anything yet.

For Arvoss- Micah, by Russian Circles. I had this song on my random playlist when I was first playing him, and I immediately thought, "That's him!" It's instrumental, so no lyrics. I'm not really sure why it fits him, it's more of just a feeling that I can't really put into words.

For Kaledain and Khaotic- Forever, by Fireflight. This is more a theme for their relationship than anything else. Kaled and Khaotic are very close; if you've ever read any of Mercedes Lackey's books, you know what a lifebond is, and that's the closest way to describe them. This is why I try to do everything with the two of them together, whether it's leveling, RP or if I just take them out farming.

For Alanon- Never-ending Story, by Within Temptation. I honestly wouldn't really call this his theme, but I think of him every time I hear this song, so, eh. Figured I'd throw it up here. I think it's mostly because Alanon is my "been everywhere, seen everything" character. He was born at the end of the First War, so he pretty much has seen everything after all. I don't know, maybe it is his theme.

That's all I've figured out so far, except for Pitch. He has a song, but the only video of it I could find on Youtube was someone doing a cover, and it doesn't do the song justice at all. If you're curious, the song is Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime, by Sons of the Desert.

And I totally blame this blogger for starting me even thinking about this. The playlists for his toons are a lot bigger than mine, but hey, I'm just starting (and I don't really listen to that much different music, to be honest).

Arvoss is up to level 78 and a half now, I've been blazing along with him the past few days. He'll be 80 soon, and then the wonderful heroic grind begins. I've been keeping his tanking set up-to-date, and from AH blues and quest rewards, he's almost defense-capped already! /boggle. I'll be instancing with him as a tank mostly, because with the awesome new LFG UI, I've always been able to get in a group within a few minutes as a tank. DPS, I've heard, isn't always so lucky, so tanking it is. And that's all I can think of for now. Happy Hunting!

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