Monday, December 14, 2009

Arvoss needs an IC Culling of Strat run...

Cause it would ROCK. Fo shizzle.

Arvoss is level 80 at last! I immediately got his tanking gear gemmed/enchanted, so he's at the defense cap. He really needs more stamina, tho; he's sitting at around 21k health unbuffed in frost presence. I've been running the random heroic queue, and he's got a tanking sigil already, plus a few badges saved toward his next piece of gear. I'm not sure what to start with, but I imagine if I run enough, he'll have badges coming out of his ears, so it shouldn't be a problem. He's doing heroics as dps, but I've been tanking instances as he levels, and I think I've got the hang of DK tanking. I like it alot, possibly more than bear tanking.

He's a valiant at the Argent tournament too, I've been busy. The rep changes also mean he will be getting his head enchants very quickly- he's nearly revered with Argent Crusade, and Ebon Blade will be next. I love the human's racial bonus.

And now I have 4 max-level toons. O.o Plus I'll be leveling Taurros and Pitchblack, hopefully they'll both be at max soon. Taurros only has 4 levels to go, plus the heirloom chest and shoulders, so he ought to fly through it. Pitch has further to go, but his shoulders will help.

I have another story in the works, gonna try and finish it tomorrow. Shaurria got to go to Dalaran, so she will hopefully be a lot happier now that she can be around her friends more. She's been doing a lot of thinking lately, some of which will be disclosed in the story. And Pitch has still been around for her to talk to/distract herself with, so she hasn't been so lonely. I'll be happy to get to focus on her again soon, too. I've been on Arvoss so much lately, I'm beginning to think in his accent. :P

Can't think of anything else, and it's bedtime. I have to work a late shift tomorrow, so I'll be late for RP night. /sulk. Oh well. Goodnight and Happy Hunting!

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