Sunday, December 20, 2009

So What's Going On Now?

Yea, yea, I know. Bad blogger is bad.

Okay, non-RP stuff first! Arvoss has been busy farming badgers from heroics. I'm thinking of starting to upgrade his dps set soon, as his tank gear is looking pretty good (3 pieces tier 9, whoo! 4th coming soon!). I'm kind of saving up for his epic flying too. I really ought to just go do some serious questing, then he'd have it in no time, but eh. And I love death knight tanking about as much as bear tanking. :)

I'm going to start seriously leveling Pitch soon, too. Don't know when, but soon. Shaurria's turn will come next, though I'm still planning on pushing Taurros to 80 over my vacation. Which is next week! /happy. Maybe I'll work on all 3 of them then.

I am still unhappy with Durotan. While I had my guild I was fine, but Off the Team has broken up and my Hordies are now guildless. I have absolutely no desire to find another guild for them, either. The few random PUGs I've gotten Boogga into have been disappointments as well- he has yet to get into a random at the start of the instance, usually the group is at or near the last boss. I think I'm giving up on it all. Taurros and Taurron will be transferring back to Gilneas so I can play with my friends there, and Boogga and Zuuluu will probably just sit until Cataclysm. I'm tentatively planning on making Boogga a human hunter, and maybe worgen rogue for Zuuluu. Then perhaps I'll feel like playing them again. Oh, and they'll probably be coming to Feathermoon, too.

The rest of my baby alts are uncertain. What can I do, when the server just kills any fun out of playing them? I may be cutting back on my toons soon. Although, that will make things easier on me in the long run, so maybe it's a good thing?

Kaledain and Khaotic have become uncertain as well. Feathermoon Horde-side has been a disappointment so far, although I'll admit I have yet to get them to a Barrens campfire-RP night, so it's partly my fault. I've been having Very Serious Thoughts about them, and you know what? I think I could actually close their story and be happy with it. They can have a Happily Ever After, with just the two of them and their new baby, and I think I could live with that. This is mostly because I've never RP'ed with them socially, so there's no one who would miss them. But if I do that, then what do I do with them? Server/faction transfers get expensive, and I don't want to delete them. I just don't know at this point. I'm continuing to level them when I can pull myself away from A-side, and maybe something will happen later that will perk my interest again. I can hope.

Now for the fun RP stuff. Pitch is getting better, he has a couple friends now. And since Takani has seemingly given up on learning about demons, Pitch has taken a kind of casual big-brother interest in the younger druid. Windstar still doesn't like him much, but he can live with that. And Aely likes him, so all is well as far as Shaurria is concerned. Speaking of which, she does have a kind-of crush on him, but since she has absolutely no experience with guys whatsoever, I don't think she even realizes it yet. This could be interesting. Pitch has also officially met Arvoss now. It was more of a "Hi, I'm Pitch, I'm going to sleep now" thing than an actual meeting (it was late at night), but Arvoss didn't get mad at him and didn't tell Shaur to keep away from him, so she counts it a success.

We had some interesting RP last night, in which Stormwind U's resident lecherous dwarf Theo surprised Shaur out of her kitty form, and proceeded to make moves on her until Pitch came to her defense, which somehow convinced Theo that Shaur was Pitch's "girl." Pitch has decided that if it keeps the dwarf away from Shaur, he might as well keep thinking it. It will be interesting if that gets spread around as a rumor though...

Shaurria is much happier lately, which is what I wanted so all is good. Having Pitch around to occupy her, and knowing that Arvoss and her other friends in Northrend are just a hearthstone away, has really helped her. And no, she hasn't forgotten Star, Tak and co. just because she has Pitch to hang out with; she tries to spend some time at least with all of them.

Can't think of anything else, so I guess that's it for now. I have a short story in the works, but it's kind of stalled while I try to get inside Pitch's head (O.o). Will post it soon as it's done. In the meantime, have some snow pics:

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