Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shaurria and Aely

Posting this mostly for my sis, who missed it all. Shaur tracked down Aely today and they had a nice, long talk together, which Shaur has been itching to do ever since Aely had come back from her "vacation". Just posting the chatlog with some minor edits because I'm really tired and feeling lazy.

Shaurria says: mreow?
Aelflaed peers.
Aelflaed says: 'lo Kitters.
You lick Aelflaed.
Aelflaed says: Ye a'right?
Shaurria says: mrew
Shaurria says: yea
Aelflaed peers out at the lake.
Shaurria says: whatcha doin'?
Aelflaed says: Thinkin'.
Aelflaed says: 's... been a longer few days'n I wis planned on.
Aelflaed hugs her knees.
Shaurria says: S'a nice spot here
Aelflaed says: Havers wi' ye? An' Arvoss?
Shaurria says: we're good
Shaurria frowns slightly.
Aelflaed hrm?
Shaurria says: he... he asked me if I wanted t'...
Shaurria says: well, go back
Aelflaed nods.
Aelflaed says: Did ye?
Shaurria says: say a proper g'bye, he said
Shaurria says: no
Shaurria scowls.
Shaurria says: don't want to
Aelflaed nods.
Aelflaed says: Did ye e'er meet Phileas? Air was he gone 'fore ye started bein' 'round?
Shaurria says: never met him
Aelflaed nods.
Shaurria says: ya told me bout him once, that was it
Aelflaed says: 's a Darrowman.
Aelflaed says: Ye been t' wha's left ay Darrowshire?
Shaurria says: Darrow....
Shaurria says: oh, Darrowshire
Shaurria says: no, but Arvoss did
Shaurria says: little bit after I met him
Shaurria says: he never told me what he did there
Aelflaed says: Back when... well, when things wir good wi' us? He asked me t' take 'im.
Aelflaed says: So he'd get t' see wha' wis left, an' say proper farewell.
Shaurria says: I... -think-... that's what Arvoss did
Aelflaed nods.
Aelflaed says: It helped 'im.
Aelflaed says: Lots.
Shaurria says: but he never told me, like i said
Shaurria says: Arvoss seemed happier, when he came back too
Shaurria says: wait
Shaurria says: are ya saying I should go back?
Aelflaed says: No.
Aelflaed says: I've nae gone.
Aelflaed says: I will someday.
Aelflaed says: I dinna ken 'f i c'n face down knowin' my family ended up scourge.
Shaurria shudders.
Shaurria says: least I don' have t' worry bout that
Aelflaed says: 'm jus' sayin' wha' ye dinna ha' to go now. An' ye dinna ha' t' go e'er, really.
Aelflaed says: But dinna shudder off oan principle, yeh?
Shaurria says: okay
Shaurria brightens.
Shaurria says: did I tell ya what Tad and I did?
Aelflaed says: Ye dinnae
Aelflaed looks curious.
Shaurria says: we were bored stiff at the tables one day
Shaurria says: an' this weird-lookin' guy comes and starts talkin' t' Tad
Shaurria says: an' he got chased off 'r something, but before he did he said the Horde had tables too
Shaurria says: sooo, we went an' visited them!
Aelflaed laughs.
Shaurria says: .... Horde guards are mean
Aelflaed says: Did they have anythin' weird?
Shaurria says: same stuff as us
Shaurria says: 'cept the Undercity stuff tasted funny
Shaurria says: we didn't really eat any of that
Shaurria makes a face. Blech
Aelflaed grins.
Aelflaed says: Yeh
Aelflaed says: Dinna ken how long's been 'ere.
Shaurria says: Thunder Bluff had the best, but they spice it different
Aelflaed nods.
Shaurria says: and there was another hunter at each place, think she was followin' us
Shaurria says: she was real nice
Aelflaed nods.
Aelflaed says: Folk're usually nice 'round th' feast days.
Shaurria says: was an elf, a... blood elf?
Aelflaed says: Ayeh - wi' th' wee sticky-up ears?
Shaurria says: yea
Shaurria says: she petted me
Aelflaed says: E'er seen a slick ear get all sad an' upset?
Shaurria says: hrm, no
Aelflaed says: Ears go all droopy like
Aelflaed says: 's th' silliest, mos' pathetic lookin' thing.
You laugh.
Aelflaed makes floppy ear motions with her hands.
Shaurria says: don't think anything else happened while you were gone
Aelflaed nods.
Aelflaed says: Dinna much happen wi' me either.
Shaurria says: 'cept that one night Tif brought a bomb t' the Pig
Aelflaed says: Jus' stood 'round, bein' ... what?
Aelflaed mrrrrph.
Shaurria frowns and shivers at the same time.
Shaurria says: ... a bomb
Shaurria says: little walking bomb
Shaurria obviously thinks that makes it worse.
Aelflaed snerk.
Aelflaed says: He's fair dense sommat.
Shaurria says: Arvoss told him t' put it away, he didn't
Shaurria says: think Arvoss was gettin' mad
Shaurria says: i dunno, tho, i left
Aelflaed says: Tif's a good sort, jus'... well. Th' only person wha' c'n figure out Tif's brain? 's Tif.
Aelflaed says: ... an' sommat I dinna e'en think that.
Shaurria snorts.
Aelflaed sighs slightly
You peer at Aelflaed searchingly.
Aelflaed says: Jus'... mrrph.
Aelflaed says: I ken's nae sommat ye've much t' think oan, lass, but ... well. Sommat folks're complicated.
Shaurria says: I know
Aelflaed half-smiles.
Aelflaed says: Things wen' frae "bloody wonderful" t' "all hell complicated" wi' Arrens yesterday.
You raise your eyebrow inquisitively at Aelflaed.
Aelflaed says: He's... well
Aelflaed says: Bein' an idiot.
Shaurria says: ..... huh
Aelflaed says: Actin' like he dinna trust me, an' like he dinna believe I c'n take care ay my own if needs be.
Aelflaed says: An' threatenin' my kinfolk.
Shaurria says: kinfolk?
Shaurria says: th' Riders?
Shaurria says: or d'ya got family?
Aelflaed says: Tarquin, specific.
Shaurria says: oh
Aelflaed says: Dinna - Riders air my kin
Shaurria nods
Shaurria sidles.
Aelflaed says: An'... an' I dinna wan' t' be mad at 'im?
Aelflaed says: But I kin'a am.
Aelflaed says: An' I told 'im why an' he dinna understand.
Shaurria frowns.
Aelflaed says: He's a good man? I jus'... well. Now 'm worrit.
Shaurria sighs.
Shaurria says: nothing's simple, is it?
Aelflaed says: No... dinna seem so.
Aelflaed says: Wish it were though.
Shaurria says: S'easier just bein' a cat
Aelflaed laughs.
Aelflaed says: Mayhap so, bu' well... sommat th' complicated turns out wonderful after.
Aelflaed says: 'm... kind ay hopin' f'r tha'.
Shaurria reaches over and pats Aely's shoulder.
Shaurria says: I hope so too
Aelflaed smiles.
Aelflaed says: I am fon' ay 'im.
Aelflaed pinks around the ears slightly.
Shaurria grins.
Aelflaed grins impishly.
Aelflaed says: Ye ken when I firs' met Arvoss, I thought ye an' he w'r muir like 'at.
You blink at Aelflaed.
Shaurria says: like what?
Aelflaed says: Lovers, 'stead ay family.
Aelflaed says: I'd ne'er seen ye in elf form, min'.
Shaurria blinks again, then starts blushing.
Aelflaed says: So I thowt ye w'r older.
Aelflaed smiles warmly.
Aelflaed says: 's hard t' tell wi' cats!
Shaurria snickers.
Shaurria says: s'pose so
Shaurria says: Arvoss.... he takes care o' me
Aelflaed nods.
Aelflaed says: He's th' family ye chose, yeh?
Shaurria says: sounds kinda sad, but I never really ate regular til I met him
Shaurria says: um, yea
Aelflaed says: 's like Tarq, an' Bricu an' Threnny, an'... well. An' Jolly.
Shaurria says: first time I saw him, he looked sad
Aelflaed says: Yeh?
Shaurria says: like he, I dunno, lost something
Shaurria says: something important
Aelflaed says: W's he an Ebon Knight, 'en?
Shaurria says: yea
Shaurria says: he drank alot
Shaurria frowns slightly.
Shaurria says: but then he took his trip, ya know, back to his home?
Shaurria says: after that he was better
Shaurria says: he... he told me he used t' be a paladin
Aelflaed nods.
Aelflaed says: 's common wi' Ebons.
Aelflaed says: 'cause ... well.
Shaurria says: didn't like t' speak of it much
Aelflaed says: 'cause back when th' Third war started?
Shaurria says: yea?
Aelflaed says: Paladins could'na get th' Plague.
Aelflaed says: Could'na save folk either? Bu' dinna get sick.
Shaurria says: that's what he said once
Aelflaed says: So when they ended up captive? 's often they'd be turned t' Ebons.
Shaurria says: said "Paladins dinnae become death knights"
Shaurria does a fair imitation of Arvoss' accent.
Aelflaed says: I've ken muir an' one, lass.
Aelflaed says: Either way, 's like he /had/ los' sommat.
Aelflaed says: When... when ye swear oan an' take vows t' be a Paladin? Part ay doin' so is... well, is learnin' t' work wi' Light, yeh?
Shaurria says: yea
Aelflaed says: I dinna ken if Arvoss e'en can /feel/ Ligh' anymuir - nae like a Paladin can, like... breathin'.
Aelflaed says: An' if he can?
Shaurria ohs.
Aelflaed says: He cannae use it.
Aelflaed says: 's like..
Aelflaed says: Ye c'n feel the spirits in th' earth, yeh?
Shaurria says: kind of
Aelflaed says: If ye need to, ye c'n call oan 'em, an' they answer?
Shaurria says: yea
Aelflaed says: How'd ye feel if one morn, ye woke an' they jus'... were'na there.
Shaurria says: ......
Shaurria is lost in thought.
Shaurria says: like I couldn't turn kitty anymore?
Aelflaed says: Yeh.
Shaurria says: golly, I dunno what I'd do
Aelflaed nods.
Aelflaed says: 's like t' be why he w's feelin' lost.
Aelflaed says: An'... well, an' likely 'is family an' 'is King an' Kingdom w's eyther dead air shamblin' bout lookin' f'r brains t' nom.
Shaurria says: i think i get it now
Shaurria says: his family?
Shaurria frowns, thinking.
Aelflaed says: He'd prob'ly had one, yeh.
Shaurria says: he did say his wife died, but that was before
Shaurria says: he told me once he had a son, but doesn't know where he is
Aelflaed nods.
Shaurria says: might be alive tho
Aelflaed says: 's anither reason f'r feelin lost.
Shaurria says: guess he mighta needed me more'n I needed him
Aelflaed smiles.
Aelflaed says: Often works like'at.
Aelflaed says: Ye needed 'im - an' in doin' so? Ye gave 'im sommat t' be needed for.
Shaurria hugs her knees, looking a little overwhelmed.
Aelflaed gently patrubs Shaur's shoulders.
Shaurria rubs her head on Aelflaed.

And that's when Shaur left. It's almost scary how Aely seemed to know Arvoss; she hit it dead on describing all that stuff to Shaur. And now Shaur has a whole new outlook on her relationship with Arvoss. *warm fuzzies*

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